[Let’s Study The Strange by Monte Cook Games] Part 5: Creatures & NPCs

Posted: December 18, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Let's Study, Roleplaying Games, The Strange
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I’ll confess that the most amusing chapter of The Strange would have to be the Bestiary. If a game goes and labels itself “Strange” and expressly states that it is a setting that allows pretty much anything to exist (as a recursion, or something else) then you’ll at least expect to find some totally crazy concepts for monsters.

The Strange core book does not disappoint in this regard.

As with Numenera, creature entries in The Strange feature more than just the mechanical bits, and a general description of what a creature looks like, but also its motivations, possible interactions, combat behavior, and possible uses in game for a GM looking to employ a given monster in their game.

Most of the monsters in this section are given a full color illustration, with some of them looking very weird indeed. I’m normally hesitant to talk about artwork as I don’t consider myself as an expert, but there’s definitely a spark of madness in majority of the monsters in the book.

The monsters aren’t just the usual cookie cutter orc and goblins either, everything is pretty out there, and one of my favorites is the “Dark Energy Pharoah” whose backstory is so amusing that it’s bordering on something I’d expect to see out of a Jodorowsky book.

The NPC section is pretty useful, with a handful of generic builds for the usual people you’d normally run into in a game, while having stats for some noteworthy few characters that would be fun encounters for a group of Agents. I wish there were a few more of these though, as it feels that the authors had to cut out some content for space.

Overall this section of the book alone adds tremendous value to The Strange as a setting, and to Numenera GMs who are looking to add to their already substantial roster of oddities to run into. The beauty of the system found in both games is that it’s simple enough to use assets from either game in the other, without any major hiccups.

If you’d like to study with us, you can get a PDF copy of The Strange from DriveThruRPG for only $19.99 or roughly Php 860.00


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