[Review] Kuro: Makkura

Posted: December 15, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Kuro, Roleplaying Games
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The second release for the Kuro Roleplaying Game by 7emmeCercle and Cubicle 7 Entertainment, Makkura is a solid series of adventures that delivers the authentic Cyberpunk-Asian Horror vibe that Kuro is best known for.

Makkura is a series of no less than six fully-fleshed out adventures that pick up from the original adventure from the Kuro Corebook. Each one showcases a different type of Japanese ghost story with a technomagical spin to it.

Each adventure is given a background, and supplementary information to help hammer home the feel that each scenario is meant to invoke. There are multiple ways to get the player characters involved, and each adventure has a full complement of NPCs that aid, hinder, or harm the characters as they work their way through each adventure.

The adventures in Makkura aren’t particularly long, as I can see them wrapping up in one or two sessions each. That said, the way that they were presented were very well done, and were always grounded on a Japanese / Asian horror aesthetic that made it feel different from the standard horror fare for those familiar with more western takes on the genre.

I’m normally wary of adventure supplements, as I do poorly with regards to executing them as a GM. That said, I found the formatting for Makkura to be excellent as it deviates from the tired “read by the numbers” approach to giving a general flow of events, and trusting the GM to take it from there. It might not always be helpful for new GMs, but it suits me very well, and gives me the freedom to twist and tweak the scenario as necessary.

One touch that I really like is that each chapter ends with smaller events that the GM is free to use to sprinkle in their Kuro campaigns in order to reinforce the feeling of dread and horror in their games.

Makkura is an excellent collection of adventures that deliver an authentic japanese horror vibe, in the unique cyberpunk world of Kuro. There are some pretty big spoilers in the book so I definitely recommend avoiding any reading if you plan to play through this.

Makkura is available in PDF format from DriveThruRPG for $14.99 or roughly Php 644.00 HERE


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