Fight Class: Progress Report

Posted: November 19, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Fight Class, Roleplaying Games
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Hey guys,

To those who remember, I was hoping to get Fight Class out by this year. That said, things have happened that have managed to significantly slow (and in some cases) halt progress on the game.

There’s still quite a bit of rework to be done on the rules, and I’m setting up another playtest session or three to try out the mechanics I’ve written all in hopes to be able to finally launch the game by next year. With regards to plans of putting this up for crowdsourcing, I’m still considering it, and I’ll see if I can realistically commit to being able to make stretch goals for the game. Otherwise it might be fair to everyone to just release the game outright after layout for a relatively affordable price.

With regards to the artwork, my lone artist has been working very hard, and she’s recently given me a glimpse of the cover artwork for the game:


We’ve been gunning for the concept of making the image similar to that of a character selection screen of a fighting game. Clearly there’s still work to be done with regards to the layout, but I’m particularly happy with the character portraits.

  1. bob says:

    Looks great, as eager as I am to give it a shot I know it’s more important to make sure it is as fine tuned as it can be.

    The art looks promising, I think the idea of a charcter select screen is quite cool makes me we want to bust out my Dreamcast and play some Rival Schools.

    If you do stretch goals i’d suggest you keep them simple and maybe limit them to just a few of higher value or content that can be delivered at a later date so you don’t feel too pressured if the campaign does well.

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