A Shopping Guide for the Philippine Gamer

Posted: November 19, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Local Scene, Roleplaying Games
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With Christmas around the corner, everyone’s thinking of what to get their favorite people. If your favorite person happens to be a fan of non-electronic gaming pursuits, things can get a little difficult. After all, where do you find the right game, dice or other goods that will make them happy without having to order from overseas?

Good thing then that there are now a lot of different options for finding geeky gear for your favorite Philippine Gamer


The newly launched Abubot.ph fancies itself as a local version of ThinkGeek. Right now their inventory is a little slim, but it’s a good selection that showcases the kinds of geekery that they’re looking to bring to the country. From statement T-shirts to Dungeons & Dragons, board games and polyhedral dice, they’re certainly looking to be one of the ones to watch for your dose of geeky fun.


Gaming Library

The Gaming Library is a heavyweight in the local businesses, with an online store and a hefty inventory of board games, wargames, card games (collectible and otherwise) and roleplaying games. I’m glad to see that they’re bringing in a good selection of RPG books, including Dungeons & Dragons, but also Numenera and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. I’ve also seen a Legend of the Five Rings book now and then in their inventory.

Added bonus? They accept special orders.


Paladin Hobbies

Specializing in bringing in miniatures for your tabletop gaming, Paladin Hobbies has a great selection of minis perfect for Fantasy RPGs. What’s more if you’re looking to really impress your gamer friend, see if they’ll enjoy being the owner of a massive dragon miniature! They operate off a facebook page, so feel free to message them there.


Fortress Games

If your gamer friend is into miniatures, Fortress Games is a great place to go. These guys carry Warmachine and Hordes, as well as Malifaux and Infinity figures as well. They carry board games and card games, but have only a very small selection of RPGs for now. That’s about to change though with the store bringing in every D&D 5e release so far. Hopefully they’ll be willing to expand to other game lines as well.


Neutral Grounds

Even if you’re not a gamer, it is almost impossible to not have seen Neutral Grounds. They’re by far the biggest franchise of hobby gaming in the country, and they carry a wide selection of various games ranging from Magic: the Gathering, to Warhammer 40k. They have a broad selection of board games as well. They used to carry a lot of White Wolf and D&D games before, but I think we’ll start seeing them stock more RPGs in the future if the hobby continues to pick up steam.


And there you have it. If you’re looking for something to brighten up your favorite gamer this Christmas, hit up any of these retailers and I’m certain you’ll find something that they’ll like.

Of course, don’t forget that the best way to make sure that they enjoy your gift is to go play it with them!


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