Philippine Gamer goes to Singapore!

Posted: August 26, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Roleplaying Games
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I’ve just been recently informed that I’ll be flying over to Singapore for a Business Trip. As such I won’t be able to update my blog for the rest of the week with the same regularity as before. That said, I’m hoping to be able to sneak some gaming-related things while I’m there.

There’s just one problem though: I don’t know a thing about Singapore.

Are there any people out there willing to help me get my geek fix while I’m there? Any good stores with RPG books in particular? I’m hoping to score some extra D&D 5e books if I can source them from there.

  1. yamasaki says:

    I have two suggestions: one is Books Kinokuniya (, another is Paradigm Infinitum ( The first one is a giant bookstore. They have some DnD books, but no doubt a book lover can find something there other than RPG books. I go there to get my fix of those official Bradybooks video game guides and then some. The second one is more of a board game store but they have more RPG books than Kinokuniya — mostly FFG / Warhammer 40k RPGs. It’s on a rundown building like Makati Cinema Square with some seedy shops, though, just so you know. There used to be a Borders Bookstore which have lots more RPGs — I got my M:tAw core there on my first trip to SG — but alas they seemed to have closed shop already.


  2. Miguel d' Cannith says:

    Yup! Paradigm Infinitum! Just a few blocks away from Kinokuniya. It’s across the street from the Sommerset MRT station. The shop’s on the 3rd floor – pass the old cd shop on the 1st floor and the sex toy shops on the 2nd. Lol!

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