#RPGaDAY Catch-Up!

Posted: August 8, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games


Looks like I”m late to the party to this whole #RPGaDAY thing, so I guess I’ll have to catch up. I think it’s a fine idea, and deserves more attention so I figure I might as well get started!

1st – First RPG Played

My first RPG ever played was Star Frontiers from TSR. I was lucky enough to chance upon a box being sold locally in a now-defunct toy store called Nova Fontana. I picked it up at age 9 and haven’t looked back since.

2nd – First RPG Gamemastered

Star Frontiers also wins this one as my older brother refused to run the game. So in order to play it, I had to learn all the rules and run it for him. I haven’t stopped GMing since, either.

3rd – First RPG Purchased

Star Frontiers is on a winning streak here, it seems. First RPG box I ever bought, and I still get nostalgic fits when I think of boxed sets today.

4th – Most recent RPG purchase

The D&D 5e Starter Set would be my most recent “purchase” in the sense that I’ve pre-ordered it from a friendly local gaming store.

5th – Most Old School RPG owned

Old school would probably be a boxed set of Top Secret that I got as a birthday gift from The Armchair Gamer. I don’t think I’ll ever run it, but it’s fun to read through now and then to get a glimpse of how games were back then.

6th – Favourite RPG Never get to play

Fading Suns would win here. I found myself very much in love with the setting, it’s got all the funky parts of Space Opera I like, but I never could get my head around the system and have a hard time pitching it to people.

7th – Most “intellectual” RPG owned

Most intellectual would probably be Mage: the Ascension? It was the one game that really blew my mind in terms of play style and with the crazy occult and philosophical concepts introduced to me.

8th – Favourite character

My favorite character would probably be Shiba Tetsuya, a Phoenix Clan bodyguard (Yojimbo, in L5R parlance) I played in a Legend of the Five Rings campaign. Driven, protective and willing to go all Jack Bauer on people even at risk to his honor.

This is pretty fun, admittedly, though I’m not sure if the individual posts will be worth blogging over. I will certainly be posting #RPGaDAY posts over on Twitter though!



  1. Hey pointyman2000, it’s been a long while. Like 4 years. I doubt you’ll remember me but I’m this guy – https://philgamer.wordpress.com/about/#comment-6616

    I’m trying to get back into D&D again ‘cos of 5e and I saw in this post about you pre-ordering the Starter Set from a local shop. Could I ask which shop ‘cos I’d really like to buy a Starter Set but avoid getting it overseas ‘cos the last time I tried that I almost ended up paying the same amount as the books in taxes.


    • Hi Martin!

      Good to hear from you again. Word on the street is that you can get the Starter Set from 2 places: Neutral Grounds, which is listed as the official distributor to WotC products in the Philippines, and Gaming Library, a recent hobby games business that has a strong focus on board games.

      I’m not sure who you can contact in Neutral Grounds to inquire, but Gaming Library had a pre-order page up for the Starter Set: http://www.gaminglib.com/products/dungeons-dragons-rpg

      • Ok I’ll check out Neutral Grounds and Gaming Library. I’m excited to get back into DnD especially now that in 5e we won’t need figures and grids as much or at all. Hopefully I can get a consistent group going that will make it worth a full book set purchase at the end of the year.

        Thanks again man.

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