[D&D] Starter Set Cleric Teaser – First Impressions

Posted: June 24, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Dungeons & Dragons, First Impressions, Roleplaying Games
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Hot on the heels of the fighter is the new Dwarven Cleric from the D&D Starter Set. Let me repost the images here for your perusal:

cleric1 cleric2


I hope you’ll excuse the large images, but I wanted it to still be somewhat readable. Clicking it should reveal the real full-sized version of the files.

Most of my feedback from the Fighter are still valid here, though there is a slight increase in complexity due to this being a spellcasting class. I’m glad that the presentation of this pregenerated character is still quite friendly to new players. The Race and Class Features and Traits were interesting to check out this time, and I was  happy to see stuff like “Mercenary Sergeant” in the game, which grants access to certain social advantages.

Overall if this is the kind of complexity to expect in a starting spellcasting class then we should be on the right track. I expect that the PHB will introduce a boatload of options to the game, but honestly I find myself very happy with the Basic D&D rules so far.



  1. Michael says:

    Jay, do you know where the starter set can be purchased in Manila when it releases?

    • Hi Michael!

      At this point, I’m guessing that the best place to look would be Neutral Grounds stores as they are the official distributor of Wizards of the Coast products in the Philippines. I’d recommend reaching out to them at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/neutralgrounds and bring it up, as they might be open to taking orders for Starter Sets.

      • I’ve tried calling their various locations and all of them are saying “i don’t know”. One of the branches told me to go to their FB page. I messaged them on FB and tried to post on their wall (it accepted the post, but doesn’t show up). I’m hoping to get some sort of definite answer from them.

        • That’s disappointing. I was under the impression that they were going to be more supportive of rpgs since I bought my copy of the star wars edge of the empire starter set there but maybe I’m mistaken.

  2. Miguel d' Cannith says:

    Hi Jay/Micheal,

    I got an FB message reply from Gaming Library that they might be getting the Starter Set.

    • Hi Miguel,

      That’s great news! I’ve had nothing but great experiences ordering games from Gaming Library, so I’ll likely source my copy from there. 🙂

    • I found their website and couldn’t find any mention of it. Do you know if they’ll take pre-orders? I’m almost ready to order through amazon, the discount + shipping puts it just over the retail price, but it will take way too long to get here.

      • Hi there, I’ll see if I can get any word from them. Will get back to you if I have anything concrete.

        • Miguel d' Cannith says:

          Hi Jay,

          If you hear ahead of me, do check with Hans and if so, if they have any delivery schedules.

          My gaming group’s plan b on getting 3 copies of the PHB is via Amazon. They have a 40% discount on pre-orders which could offset the cost of a priority (4 days) shipment.

          • Hi Miguel,

            Currently Gaming Library’s released a pre-order for the starter set: http://www.gaminglib.com/products/dungeons-dragons-rpg

            ETA is September, but I think they’re playing it safe. Not sure if that will reflect when the product will arrive for certain. I decided to go for it and buy one from there to support the local stores that bring physical books in. 🙂

          • Thanks for the info. I’ll keep an eye on their site. It’s too bad they are saying Sept. considering the release is July. I’ve already pre-ordered it on Amazon, it came to USD $22 after the cheapest shipping option (18-30 days), any faster and the cost doubles. If i can get it faster locally I’ll buy a second copy.

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