[Let’s Study Atomic Robo RPG] Part 6: Wrap Up and Review

To wrap up this Let’s Study coverage of Atomic Robo, let’s talk about the last few bits that are present in the book that haven’t been discussed yet.

Among the chapters that I’ve not gone into detail yet are one focused on Tesladyne. The chapter presents Tesladyne as a character in and of itself, with a single Mode (Resources) and a number of Skills which are all detailed and explained, along with helpful information on using these skills in a game.

The March of Progress talks about long-term campaigns and player advancement, touching on Milestones and Consequences as well as the improvement of Tesladyne.

Timeline details the history of Atomic Robo, calling out various milestones that could serve as neat little opportunities to involve the players in any of the eras covered by the setting.

Finally, Character Writeups are one of the most amusing I’ve read so far, with neat insight to the various characters of the series. Fans will definitely enjoy this section and it will help translate just how the rules of Fate Core work with a given concept that they already are aware of.


Atomic Robo is probably the most impressive RPG I have ever read that works with a licensed IP. It manages to hit all three most important factors in licensed RPGs: it’s fun, the rules reflect the fiction of the setting, and it manages to make me interested in the comic. Likewise fans of the comic might find themselves interested in the game.

The Fate Core rules fits Atomic Robo like a glove, and the custom mechanics for this game enrich the basic Fate Core system while highlighting the strengths of the setting. It’s relatively easy to learn, and there are enough examples to facilitate the learning process.

GMs and players alike are given freedom to make pretty much any character they want, thanks to Weird Modes, and the Brainstorm and Invention rules makes certain that Action Science is still the key theme of the game.

There’s plenty that other games can learn from checking out how Atomic Robo manages to provide a lot of freedom of choice, while adding a structure for guided fun in a game. The mechanics are elegant and each rule exists to further the theme and activities of pulpy fun.

Atomic Robo is a great game for those new to the hobby, and those looking to get into Fate Core. Old hands at Fate will find plenty to like here as well as Brainstorming and Invention Rules can work in any setting that needs it.

Definitely a must buy for any RPG gamer looking for pulpy action-adventure fun.

If you’re looking for a copy, the PDF for Atomic Robo can be found in DriveThruRPG for $11.99

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