Thirty-Four and Counting, A Birthday Retrospective

Posted: June 10, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Local Scene, Roleplaying Games
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Today I turn 34, and as with most birthdays at round this decade, my thoughts turn towards what I’m doing these days with the hobby and what else I can do for the local community of gamers.

Personal Stuff

Well, the biggest news is that my wife is pregnant, and I’m looking at becoming a dad by sometime in January. Needless to say it’s a huge deal for me and almost everything I’ve been doing has been viewed through the lens of this incoming change in my life.

Not So Secret Projects

At the moment, I’ve got three game projects that I’ve been working on: Fight Class, Son of BADASS and an as yet unnamed RPG for kids. Fight Class is by far the most high profile of these, but Son of BADASS is something that I’m looking forward to releasing as well. Real life has eaten into a lot of the time I used to have to writing, so things have slowed down, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get back into the groove.

I’m hoping that releasing these three as affordable games in PDF format would be a good way to get extra income. I harbor no illusions of being able to quit my day job and live off the profits of my own game, but having some sort of income through that would be more than welcome especially with the fact that I’m going to be a dad soon.

Local Efforts

I’ve been participating in a local Facebook group for tabletop RPGs, and I’m very happy to see a thriving community of gamers. While we’re separated by distance and schedule conflicts, the idea that they exist and that they’re running and playing games is a bright spot in my time as a gamer here in the Philippines. I’ve written before that I sometimes feel that I’m blogging into the ether with hopes that someone will respond, and seeing a community here is exactly the sign I need to step up and do something.

That something is taking shape with a project I’m hoping to launch with the help of a sponsor. I’ve been in contact with a group that can bring in rpg books from several well known publishers, and I’ve got an idea for something the community could do to improve itself and recruit new people into the hobby.

The Blog

Obviously I’m not about to slow down in blogging. I’ve been working hard to keep up with the reviews on the site, though at the moment I’ve been documenting my studies of the FATE system through three very good games that have released lately. Let’s Study articles are very popular, but I’m not adverse to going back to posting a few more GMing advice articles as long as I have a topic, was there anything you guys wanted to see here?

Gratitude and Gratuity

I’d like to thank the various readers here on the blog, and over in Twitter and G+ for giving the blog a look-see. I’ve been at this blogging thing since 2007, and I’m still very happy whenever someone leaves a comment or likes, shares or +1’s a post I’ve made.

For those who feel like contributing something to help this Third World GM along, I’d like to direct your generosity towards the Paypal link on the top left section of the blog. Even the smallest gesture is accepted with heartfelt thanks, as I’m going to need every bit I can get in a few months.

That said, it’s been a great year of blogging, with a lot of exciting games coming up and many more things to talk about on the blog. As always if you’ve got a topic you want me to tackle, or a game you want me to check out, let me know and I’ll do what I can.

  1. Icesabel says:

    Happy birthday! 🙂

  2. Tom Reed says:

    Happy birthday! and congratulations on the impending birth! I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and even though a new child can throw a wrench into the works, everything eventually evens out.

  3. James, F.E. says:

    Happy birthday! I’ve only recently started reading your blog but what I’ve read so far is very good.

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