[Playing With X, Part 4] Jokers

Posted: May 13, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Playing With X
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Here’s a tricky kind of player to work with, but one that happens in most tables. These kinds can either make a game richer, or drive it crashing into failure in the span of a few sessions.


Jokers are players who like to kid around. They prefer to make jokes in and out of character. This can be a welcome thing to a group that is playing a light hearted game, but they can also be a pain when trying to maintain a serious mood in a game.


Jokers enjoy making other people laugh. Their jokes are a way to bring attention to themsleves, and sometimes to break the monotony of a boring game. It’s important to understand where they might be coming from as this kind of behavior can be constructive, or destructive depending on when and where it’s used.

How to Spot a Joker

It doesn’t take much to spot a Joker. While humor is admittedly subjective, the Joker is the one who tries his best to keep people chuckling from time to time.

Getting Along

Jokers tend to enjoy the spotlight, but can be forgetful that they can be ruining the mood of a game or someone else’s turn with their jokes. The best way to handle this kind is to quietly (and privately) talk to the Joker and let them know to try to reign it in once in a while as their jokes border on being rude.

In-game, having a Joker is not always so destructive. It might help them to have someone to trade barbs with, so having a few jokes of your own to hurl back at his character will allow him to let loose with his tendencies in a way that enriches the game rather than distracts from it.

One thing to note though is that Joker behaviour can also be used by passive-aggressive players to try and disrupt a game. As always, my recommendation here is to try and talk to them and see if they can air out their concerns and work out a solution rather than relying on passive-aggressive actions to try and drag everyone’s game down.

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