[Playing With X, Part 2] Tacticians

Posted: May 2, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Advice, Articles, Playing With X
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Hello everyone, today we’re talking about Tacticians, what they’re like, how to spot one, and of course, how to get along best with their play style.


Tacticians in my book are the players who resort to planning and tactics to succeed in a game. They’re consummate planners, and have a tendency to step back from a situation in order to analyze it without any emotions getting in the way.

This manifests most obviously in combat, but I’ve seen Tacticians take to social situations with the same kind of focus, drawing up social interaction diagrams in order to most effectively understand where everyone is in a given community.


Tacticians get the most fun out of figuring out a situation and coming up with an inspired solution to get the most desirable outcome. The kind of challenge they enjoy is one where they get to engage the opponent and dominate them not necessarily with brute force, but with a combination of factors that leaved the opposition thoroughly defeated in the ways that matter. Their methods may range from honorable to machiavellian, but their objective is always the same: complete and utter victory.

How to Spot a Tactician

Tacticians tend to expose themselves in a game when the team is given an opportunity to plan. They’re the ones who are the first to call the group together, and discuss the situation. This sometimes makes them suited towards leadership status in a group, but is not always the case. Tacticians will go over a plan with excruciating detail, hashing out backup plans to cover for any imagined possibilities. Of course, depending on their personality, this can be either a welcome thing, or an annoyance. Groups composed of more spontaneous players might chafe at the Tactician’s insistence on sticking to a plan.

How to get Along

Tacticians appreciate feedback and discussion. When they’re in brainstorming mode, jump in an engage them, toss in a scenario or two where your character can help out. They will appreciate the idea of having other points of view to analyze a situation and will be more willing to relax their control if they can see that their teammates are perfectly able to make sound tactial decisions when left alone.

As a Tactician-type of player myself, I find that I fixate on running a scenario in my head and plan for as many eventualities as possible. I’ve learned to work with my fellow players, delegating responsibility to them according to what they do best. In my eyes, the team wins when we get everything we want and leave little to nothing for our opponents to pick over when we’re gone.


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