[Let’s Study Mage: the Ascension] Part 3.6 Traditions: Order of Hermes

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Magic is a mirror of science. Through dedicated study, adherence to proper forms, and knowing the right signs and commands, one can codify magic into a set of repeatable phenomenon.

This is the mindset of the Order of Hermes, an ancient and revered Tradition of Mages who possess an affinity for the Sphere of Forces. The Hermetics consider themselves the leaders of the Council of Nine Mystical Traditions, and it is their methodology and lexicon that is most prevalent in discussions of magic between practicioners of magic.

Their methodology and sense of organization has been a powerful asset to uniting the Traditions against their enemies. However, the Hermetics are also infamous for their Hubris, making them difficult to work with at times, and a danger to others at their worst moments.


The Hermetics specialize in magics involving Forces, the sphere of energy in all its forms. By far one of the most vulgar magics, Forces allows a willworker to create light and sound, shoot lightning and fire from his fingertips and transmute one form of energy to another. A wily Mage will also find a myriad of coincidental effects for the Forces Sphere, from listening into radio transmissions, to being able to see in low-light conditions.


The Order of Hermes is an ancient organization full of internal strife and power struggles. It’s this kind of mentality that threatens to destroy the Order, leaving their mages too caught up in games of politics and power to be able to see the big picture of Ascension.


The entire Awakened community has been shaken up by all sorts of big events, and it is up to the Order of Hermes to take the reins and guide the other Traditions to a better future. Without its masters, the Order is now free to explore what they can do for the world, rather than be too focused on keeping up with the other Houses. This is the time they can break free from antiquated systems and establish a new future for the Order.

Character Concepts

Magical Messenger – Hermes was the messenger of the Gods, and in some ways, so are you. You’ve never been much for games of powers, but you do know that these games all rely on the flow of information. You work as a freelance agent that promises speedy and secure information transfer. You carry artifacts, tomes of magic, vital messages and even the occasional spell to your intended recipient. You can circumvent security, encrypt information on the fly and ensure that there’s not a single bit of residual electronic information for anyone to track once you’ve made your delivery. This has made you quite an asset to all the Houses of the Order, and puts you in a unique situation to capitalize on that when you need to spread your own message to all the other Houses.

Firebrand – You’ve always felt that fire made for a fine metaphor. You’re a speaker, a motivator, the man or woman who could inspire people to take a stand, to take action, to make a difference. You’ve worn different faces, different bodies and spoken for different creeds, but ultimately you’ve been the motive force for revolutions that have changed the world for the better. Your real name and face don’t matter, what matters is that you’re doing what you can to be a symbol of the next big change, the world won’t turn unless people make it happen. All they need is the right words to get them going.

Mentor – Magic is real. Children knew this long before schooling erased that from their minds. Now, in the midst of a troubled time of young adulthood, you’re letting them rediscover that lost truth. You’re a quiet one, the professor that teaches history with a passion that encourages your students to ask questions. When someone asks the right kind of questions, you teach them something else… the secret of culture and the magic behind it all.


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