Aging and Gaming

Posted: March 21, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games
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I’m not really a young gamer anymore. At 33 years old, I’ve been playing and running (mostly running) RPGs since my early days of college.

As with all things, tastes change, and my preferences for RPGs are sort of shifting as well. In my early years of gaming I wasn’t adverse to very rules-heavy games. Nowdays, I’ve less time to spend reading books from cover to cover and statting out characters by hand.

With the demands of work, keeping up with friends and life in general, I’ve noticed two key trends in my preferences. First, I’m calcifying into a few “default” systems, and I’m leaning more towards games that don’t involve a large amount of detail.

What does this mean for the blog though? Not much, actually. I’m still planning to do reviews of as many books as I can, just that I’ll be taking a little longer to do so. As for games, I’m considering looking at systems like Fate Accelerated Edition, Savage Worlds or other less mechanically complex games to go with my current stable of L5R and Storytelling / Storyteller rules.

At this point, I fully expect that Exalted 3rd Edition will be something of a moment for me, as I attempt to sink my teeth in something a little tougher than my usual.

As a player, I notice that I’m also starting to be even more cautious as a player character, with my preferences for methodology being closer to how I resolve things in real life. Less confrontation, more information gathering and quick use of backup. I’m not adverse to having my characters go kick ass, but at this point I’m a little tired of going all super-gunman on everything. It doesn’t do anything for me to resort to hyperviolence, as I get my kicks from defeating the opposition with the least amount of risk and effort if at all possible.

As I get older I’m wondering about what else is going to change in my style of play. I suppose I should make this kind of post a yearly thing so I can reflect on how things change.

  1. welcome to the club! wa ha ha!

  2. I feel much the same way, I know the systems I know and I would much rather just play than spend time learning new systems.

  3. bob says:

    I love learning and playing new systems I try to find ones that do something unique, but I find that I don’t have the patience now to read through 300+ tomes. If I can’t scale down the GM notes on rules to a page front and back I don’t wanna run it.

  4. I still like checking out new systems, just to see what new ideas are out there. I think game designers are starting to understand what makes games fun better and better as our hobby ages, so we’re now seeing an explosion of interesting new designs. I agree with what Bob said though. Simpler is better for me now.

  5. crutzy says:

    I’ve not been in the game too long and from what i’m seeing, there’s a decent proportion of people getting into the hobby, looking at what’s behind the counter, and picking up something like Fiasco. I don’t run a shop or anything so it’s hard to say but this is based on the club I run in college and friends of members etc…

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