Mage: the Ascension’s Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter Is Live (And Funded!)

Posted: March 4, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Mage: the Ascension, Roleplaying Games
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Talk about a great way to wake up.

I’ve been a Mage fan for most of my gaming life, with Mage: the Ascension being one of the two games that cemented my GMing style in my early college days (next to Legend of the Five Rings.) It’s no surprise therefore that I was stoked to back the Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter for this game.

I visited the kickstarter page even before having my morning coffee to see how it was doing to discover that at that time it had already blown way past its initial 70k USD goal and was already ticking away at 168k USD. As of the time I’m writing this blog entry, that number has risen to 181k USD.

Of course, pledging for this project isn’t cheap if you want a physical copy and live halfway around the world. I’m staring at a hefty $175.00 price tag for the tier I want, with a physical copy of the book and an accompanying ST screen to go with it. Of course given how many stretch goals have been met, I’m also looking at a whole slew of PDF mini-supplements that contain NPCs, a Quickstart and additional content that didn’t make it to the corebook itself. That’s a lot of content, almost like buying into the entire line again.

Is it worth it? I certainly think so. Mage gave me a lot of good experiences over the years, and you can’t really put a price tag on that.

  1. janothar says:

    I stayed up to 2 AM (Japan time) to back it quickly, just in case there was a limited tier I wanted to pledge for. There wasn’t, but fortunately, I’m getting a slight price break by shipping to an address in the US that I will be able to pick it up from eventually.

    I’m very happy with the stretch goals, too. Already gone well past a guide to how to do things with sphere magic (which would have helped a LOT when I first learned the game) and heading right towards that book of material that needs to be cut for space.

  2. Tentaclese says:


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