[Actual Play] Demon: the Descent – Devil in the details, Characters and First Impressions

Posted: February 23, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Roleplaying Games

Yesterday was the first session of our group’s Demon: the Descent campaign, Devil in the Details. I have to admit that I was a little worried about running the game as it was technically my first attemot to run a supernatural splat in the new God-Machine Chronicle rules and I wasn’t sure how it might impact my usual GMing style.

That said it was a fun game, and it gave me and my players plenty of opportunities to learn the ropes.

My players for this session included:

* Silver Countess, who was playing,a Destroyer Tempter maintaining a cover as a modern sculptor / artist named Reina.
* Hikkikomori, as an Psychopomp Inquisitor / Tempter maintaining a cover as an antiquarian named Alexander
* Our newest player, Miguel, who played a Guardian Tempter wearing the cover of a mobster capo named Johnnie

Overall the team did great (with a full recap coming up in my next post.) They took to playing the Unchained like fish to water and I’m looking forward to how they improve further as they grow to understand their abilities better. The cover mechanics were interesting, and the teams knew how to really maximize the utility of their embeds, with each character having “game-breaking” abilities to overcome access-related obstacles with surprising ease, whether by stealing identities, fooling people into thinking they have access or by simply knowing everything about an object or a place by simply touching it.

Overall I had a lot of fun running it, and I’m certainly bracing myself for when the rest of the players join the game. By then I should really be used to the system and have ways to cause a little bit of distress to my players.


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