[Fight Class] Preview Sample Character: Anya

Posted: February 18, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Fight Class, Game Design, Roleplaying Games
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Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on Fight Class to tighten up the writing, and I’ve begun working on several sample characters that will be included in the Quickstart document that I’ll be releasing alongside the crowdsourcing campaign. I’m hoping that being able to release a small version of the game with pre-generated characters and a short scenario will be just the thing to get people to try out the game and pledge for it!


One of Overmann Institute’s rising stars is their Table Tennis Champion, Anya. She is a freshman and has just joined this year after beating all her seniors for a place in the team. This bubbly young woman also has one of the highest averages in her competitive sportsmanship theory classes particularly in Applied Tactics and Psychological Warfare. The moment she walks into the court and meets her opponent she is able to predict her victory. A few seconds after the first ball is served, her opponent is able to predict their own certain defeat as well.

Concept: Table Tennis Savant
School: Overmann Institute

010_Overman_Institute_FemaleMotivation: Fame

Musical 2
Visual 2
Verbal 2
Logical 1
Physical 3
Interpersonal 2
Naturalistic 1

Table Tennis Club:
Athletics (Table Tennis)
Perform (Demonstrations)
Academics (Strategy)

Personal Skills:
Pop Culture (Music)
Craft (Cooking)

Health: 8
Confidence: 6
Physical Defense: 5
Social Defense: 3
Initiative: 4
Popularity: 0
Effort: 3
Student Rank: E

Good Looking


You Got Served
Anya pauses a moment to analyze her opponent for behavioral patterns and subconscious tells, effectively “reading” what her opponent would do and negating any physical advantages her opponent might have.

DN: 9 (Scope: Single target, same zone, +1 Effect, Extra Time: +1 Action)
Effect: Modifiers (Penalty to Physical), Duration (Combat)
Roll: Physical + Academics (Strategy)

Supersonic Volley
Anya strikes with a powerful supersonic volley, propelling the ball at incredible speeds, leaving contrails in its wake. Anya enjoys using this to shatter the opponent’s paddle to intimidate them, but has been known to use this attack on her opponent’s bodies as well when pressed into combat.

DN: 11 (Scope: Single target, same zone, Requires Gear)
Effect: Damage
Roll: Physical + Athletics (Table Tennis)

Not Letting You Score
Anya’s skill with Table Tennis allows her to defend against projectile attacks with ease. She often uses this to protect other members of her team from opposing ranged combatants.

DN: 9 (Scope: Multiple Chosen Targets, Adjacent, Only works on Physical Projectiles, Requires Gear)
Effect: Damage (Reduction)
Roll: Logical + Athletics (Table Tennis)

The artwork for Anya was provided by none other than Dax Tee, the same talented artist behind the illustrations in my previous work: BADASS


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