[Fight Class] Preview #1 Castille Academy

Posted: January 22, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Fight Class, Game Design, Roleplaying Games
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Hey guys,

I know I haven’t spoken about my project for a few weeks now, but I’m currently back in the saddle and working on getting it to a state where I can be happy with releasing the game for public consumption. Today I’m putting out a preview of one of six pre-generated schools for Fight Class. Player characters are free to create their own schools, but I’ve included six pre-generated ones for those who are just looking to pick something and start playing without having to do a brainstorming session.

Castille Academy SireCastille Academy

Claiming descent from an ancient order of knights and nobles, Castille Academy is nothing less than an imposing medieval castle surrounded by a moat. The Crimson Cross of Castille is displayed proudly on several large banners flanking the main entrance of the Castle proper.

Designed to withstand a sustained sieges involving catapults and other archaic machines of war, Campus looks quite out of place among the surrounding urban landscape, but many of the residents in the area have come to accept the quirky building as something of a tourist attraction.

Students of Castille Academy conduct themselves with the poise and discipline of a knightly order. Their pristine white uniforms are decorated with the Crimson Cross of Castille on their left breast and tend to sport military-style haircuts. Many students of the Academy accessorize by wearing pieces of leather or metal armor over their uniforms.

Their focus on raising students as knights has made them skilled in certain activities, but almost laughably anachronistic in others. Students of Castille Academy have difficulty with modern conveniences and insist on sticking with tradition, eschewing cellphones and computers and seeing nothing wrong with paying a visit to a rival on horseback in the middle of a shopping mall to deliver a challenge in person.

Students of Castille Academy are notorious for challenging rivals to duels with the old custom of slapping them across the face with a glove. Normally this would have been quaint, but given that the students often wear gauntlets with their uniforms, this takes on an entirely more sinister appearance.

Known Clubs
Castille Academy is well known for their Fencing, Jousting, Equestrian and Archery clubs. They might be laughably out of date in most things (“What is this Book of Faces that everyone is going on about?”) but nobody underestimates them in the field.

Rollover Bonus (OPTIONAL)
The military nature of their training has honed the students of Castille Academy into fearsome combatants. They gain a +1 Rollover Bonus on powers using the Damage Column to inflict injury.

Stay tuned for more previews in the coming weeks!

  1. bob says:

    Wow *just catching up on the news* I’m super excited to hear the great news and super excited to see what you’ve come up with.

    Looks like I finally have a reason to sign up for indiegogo.

    Good luck on this new endeavor.

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