[D:tD Devil in the Details Campaign] NPCs: Virgil Security

Hey there,

I’m currently working on populating the setting for my upcoming campaign, so I’ll be posting some NPC dossiers for the various Unchained in Detroit. Today we’re starting with Virgil Security, a surprisingly capable Corporate Security Consultation firm that has been making a lot of business in Detroit’s corporate scene.

Dante [Psychopomp]

Dante is the Alpha-Male CEO of Virgil Security, and is the very definition of a old corporate pack leader. His chosen Cover is a 60-something causasian man, constantly well dressed in a suit and with a fascination for expensive designer wristwatches. His appearance is crafted to exude unassailable self-confidence that can cow even the most jaded working person into submission.

Dante runs a tight Ring of fellow Unchained, having gathered them for specific tasks, offering access to Cover contracts and the relative “safety” of numbers for their services. In time, he’d managed to assemble others that he deemed “trustworthy” enough to employ on a regular basis.

Dante’s company serves as his means to investigate shady individuals which might have connections with the God-Machine’s plans, and his agency has at one time or another been able to infiltrate Infrastructure to destroy or subvert it to their ends.

Mist [Messenger]

Mist serves as Dante’s right hand and is responsible for Virgil Security’s day-to-day operations. Her appearance is that of a thirty-something african-american woman with a body of a track athlete. She prefers to dress in corporate power outfits, but plays the good cop to Dante’s Alpha-Male role.

She was the first of his recruits, having proved herself as a very capable infiltrator. While he has the occasional issues with her penchant for going beyond mission parameters when executing missions involving the God-Machine, her usefulness has so far outweighed her occasional lapses in consistency.

Mike [Destroyer]

At first glance, Mike doesn’t belong in Virgil Security, but that’s exactly why he’s there. You’ll never see this 6-foot 8-inch blonde anywhere near the boardroom, you’ll certainly feel it when he’s sent to do a job for Dante.

Mike is the ring’s action-man, and revels in the chance to make mischief. His specialty lies in extracting information by getting his hands dirty with intimidation, investigation, dumpster diving and blackmail.

It [Psychopomp]

It is Dante’s hidden Ace. A professional to the core It understands the nature of the game. It has no preferred Gender nor does It have a consistent Cover. Dante pays for It’s services with Covers when he needs something done that neither Mist nor Mike should know about.

Soft spoken and dangerous, It is a very model of efficiency, and seems to have little in the way of qualms in doing work that would give Mike pause. So far, It has managed to do long-term infiltrations of organizations by hijacking identities wholesale just to get to an objective.

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