[Demon: the Descent] Campaign Planning: Detroit

I will admit that I’ve always been partial to using Detroit in games. I’ve used the city before as a launchpad for a Supers game, and I’m using it for my upcoming Demon campaign as well.

The use of the Motor City as a hotbed of God-Machine activity just seems right in my head. The Urban sprawl and abandoned locations make for good places to tuck away Infrastructure that will generally be overlooked.

Given the state of Detroit’s economic crunch as of late, there’s also a lot of the World of Darkness vibe going on, and giving a lot of leeway for Demons to get their jollies from the desperate and the foolish.

Of course, having never been to Detroit in person, I have to rely on research material and watching movies to get the vibe down.

The Supernatural Population

For this campaign I’m limiting things to the mythology of Demon: the Descent. Meaning I’m not going to be putting in Mages, Werewolves, Vampires or Changelings.

That said I MIGHT put in Hunters as part of the opposition.

The usual suspects are all here, from Exiles, Angels and Stigmatics, though I will probably have to think about the use of Cryptids as they seem a little out of place.

Other Demons

The player characters are definitely not alone in Detroit. The rumors that The Source can be found in the city have brought in an influx of other Demons who are all looking to get The Source for their own goals.

The Source

Perhaps the biggest macguffin in the entire setting for this campaign. Rumor has it being different things. A back door to admin-level access to the God-Machine, a get out of hell free card, a means to free yourself of the God-Machine’s plans forever, a way to gain control of the God-Machine and take it’s unlimited power for yourself. It can make miracles happen, and everyone wants it for themselves.


The Player Characters

Right now my players are going through the book to put together their characters. I’ll most likely run through their preludes to get a better handle of their characters.

So far Silver Countess has already come up with a character concept, and Mappy and Hikkikomori are already working on their characters as well. We’ll be getting new players on board as well so I’m looking forward to how the group dynamics shape up.

2 thoughts on “[Demon: the Descent] Campaign Planning: Detroit

  1. Oh, I was kinda hoping you’d run this in Manila, but that’s just me being pinoy.

    I’m curious about what tier of hunters you will bring in. Based on my experience playing Hunter (in Forums), street groups are a whole different game compared to one being sponsored by Umbrella Corp or Task Force Valkyrie.

    1. Manila would have been nice too, but I think I’ll stick to Detroit for now. I just hope I do the place justice and don’t end up offending people who live there.

      Anyway, Hunters will probably be from Tier 2-3, but I’m keeping the lid on who they are until the game is underway so my players won’t be clued in just yet.

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