[Demon: the Descent] Devil in the Details Character Questionnaire

Posted: January 17, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Campaign Design, Demon: the Descent, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness
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Today we’re looking at the character questionnaire for the Demon: the Descent game that I’ll be starting around February this year. Since this will be the first time I’ll be running Demon, I’m going to be paying closer attention to the characters that my players will be making.

Why did you Fall?

The Fall is a very significant moment in the life of a Demon as it was their very first act of free will. In a game centered on the search for true self-determination I’m going to be stressing the Fall a lot in character concepts as a source of triggers that will motivate a character forward.

What is your Cover?

A Cover identity is one that is bestowed to the Demon by the God-Machine to perform their mission. It is also vital for a Demon’s ability to avoid detection by the God-Machine. As Demons have the ability to change and modify their Covers like people change outfits, their choice of Cover can tell a lot about a given Demon.

Another wrinkle here is that Demons are expected to take care of their Cover identities. A good amount of time is spent “being” your cover, so that will put a limit on just how much time they can spend going all out in the hunt for The Source.

What is your first Key Embed?

Central to a Demon’s quest for freedom is the Cipher, a central truth that can only be learned once the Demon in question manages to acquire and activate 4 Key Embeds in a specific sequence to unlock. Player characters begin with their first Key Embed, the one that gave their Demon a clue that there was a path to follow, one that is there for them to discover.

Since it’s up to the GM to figure out and assign the remaining 3 Embeds of the Cipher, it’s important for me to understand why the Demon has the Key to begin with.

How do you know each other?

The baseline assumption of my campaign is that the player characters already know of each other to an extent that they will be willing to work together. In some ways, we can look to Ocean’s Eleven or Leverage for inspiration here. This particular Ring is together because they’re looking to find The Source and take it, no matter who, or what gets in their way.

What’s your role?

During character creation, I’ll be encouraging the characters to start building according to roles in a group. Much like a Heist, this game will do best if each member has a particular specialty for the job.

That’s it so far. I’m also starting some plans on just what form the Source will take, what it really does, and just who else might be after it.

But that’s for another post.

  1. th3muser says:

    This is very exciting! Let me know how the game goes. Do you think it will become too dark? I ran Changeling for a while and it actually got to me after a while.

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