[Demon: the Descent] Campaign Planning

So after a bout of voting to see what I’ll be running after Legend of the Five Rings, the group has decided on Demon: the Descent. The pitch I used for the campaign is as follows:

Camapaign Title: The Devil Is In the Details

The Source.

They say it’s a back door into His mind. A direct line into the very being of the God-Machine.

Everyone has heard of it, but nobody has seen it, because the rumor is that anyone who has ever had it in their possession has disappeared.

But people still try.

Now you’re in the Detroit, with a Ring of your own. “Friends” is a bit of an overstatement, but you work well together and get shit done. Imagine what you could do if you had the Source Code in your possession?

Of course, you’re not the only one with this idea. Other demons, His Angels, and other, weirder things are all after a piece of the action too.

Time to call the rest of the crew.

Demon is a new game for me so I’ve got a lot of reading, planning and thinking to do. That said I’ve already been putting together a few notes:

Agendas, Public or Private?

Agendas in Demon are representative of the philosophy of a Demon towards their current situation. There are those who fight against the God-Machine and attempt to sabotage it’s works, while others work to understand it or come to terms with it somehow. It also strikes me as a very personal choice. As such, while Character Generation will be conducted normally, I’ll probably ask the players to keep information on their Agendas to themselves.

Demon is a game of espionage, and while the Demons of this particular Ring know each other, they don’t necessarily have full visibility about everything about each other.

Berserk Buttons

One thing I’ll be very strict with in the Demon game is the emotional / logical trigger that caused each Demon to fall. The Fall isn’t easy, it involves divorcing yourself from the very thing that created you by choice. As such this emotional trigger should still be a very strong source of motivation for any Demon. If they fell out of Pride, then I expect that story hooks that would hurt that Pride would rile the Demon to action.

While I could use this as a chain I could yank, I’d rather leave it to the God-Machine Rules Update’s new experience system to serve as a carrot as opposed to a stick.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Demon is also about maintaining a Cover, so I’ll be working with the players to see what their NPCs are like. No lone wolves here, because being hidden among humanity is their best bet at avoiding the God-Machine’s eyes.

There’s a lot for me to absorb in Demon: the Descent given that I’m still pretty new to it, but I’m excited. I haven’t had a chance to actually run much of the rest of the World of Darkness, so this is a bit of a golden opportunity for me to see if I really can run something else aside from Mage: the Awakening.

2 thoughts on “[Demon: the Descent] Campaign Planning

  1. Well, that’s an interesting pitch. Kinda similar to what I’m planning for my Strix Campaign, set in Tokyo, Japan.

    Depending on the game, it could become “political” so a reserve of NPCs with agendas is something I recommend. I already have the bare bones for about 20 NPCs when I started planning my VtR story. -_-

    I’ll keep on watching and see how this, and your other games develop, since you are one of my idols in being a GM, and gaming in general.

    1. Hi K1r1el!

      Thanks for the compliment! I try my best to run games that my players will be happy to keep coming back to. I expect that there will be a lot of potential for politics so I need to get started on research. I’ll share more notes on my campaign planning as I develop them.

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