12 Campaigns of Christmas #10 Void Chosen

Posted: January 3, 2014 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Campaign Design, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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What had begun as a fun trip to the countryside to see your Grandmother and participate in a local festival has taken a strange twist, when a Celestial Dragon made of the Void with stars as eyes manifested from the night sky.

You remember fainting in shock and horror, but nothing could have prepared you for what happened next.

You awoke in the middle of an ancient-looking Rokugani palace, surrounded by people dressed in Emerald Empire Era clothing.

“Are you certain of this?” One of them spoke, the important looking one in robes of gold.

“I… I can only say that the Void calls what it must.” the other, dressed in crimson robes replied, hesitantly.

“Then we must do what we can with the champions chosen by the Void.” the man in gold said, “For only they can save us from Fu Leng, now.”

Time travel, ancient Rokugan, teenagers who grew up in an age of apathy, cellphones and pop culture. Modern day sensibilities and common sense vs. ancient Rokugani culture. Teenage spunk and courage vs. an evil God.

  1. k1r1el says:

    Self-Inserts? Reminds me of that Dungeons and Dragons cartoons of way way back. If the SIs were TTG players as well, those who played L5R, it certainly be very interesting.

  2. Awesome. This could be endlessly amusing. I would certainly play.

  3. yamasaki says:

    Inuyasha comes to mind…

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