[Review] Naishou Province for L5R, 4th Edition

Posted: December 9, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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I’m really THIS close to declaring Legend of the Five Rings, 4th edition to be the RPG that is most supportive to GMs in my entire experience in the hobby.

The recently released Naishou Province supplement is just more proof of it.

I know that many of those who’v read my previous reviews of L5R books have heard it before, but getting the hang of a setting as exotic and different as Rokugan is difficult for new GMs. The Naishou Province presents an entire province of Rokugan, from locations, to NPCs and plot hooks, all ready for a GM to use in their games.

The Naishou Province is not tied to a specific location in Rokugan, allowing GMs to place it wherever they feel most comfortably in.

The book itself is divided into several sections detailing the Provincial Capital, Settlements inside the province, the Geography of Naishou and a sample adventure which the GM can run or mine for ideas.

The Naishou Province book also allows for different kinds of adventures, from political conspiracies to combat and magic. There’s plenty to see and do in the Naishou province, and the book can easily fuel a long-term campaign as the GM can just keep inserting new complications and the interest of the other Great Clans over the unaligned province.

Mechanics-wise, Naishou Province is a little bit underwhelming, but given that it was meant to be more of a setting book I don’t feel that it is at fault. Lion Clan fans will be happy with the inclusion of a new Basic School in the form of the Lion Elite Spearmen, as well as the mechanics of the Magari-Yari, signature weapon of Matsu Gohei, the Butcher.

One thing of note however is that Naishou Province feels rather short, being a companion volume to another upcoming L5R book: Secrets of the Empire, a book that will detail the Ronin, Minor Clans, Imperial Families and the Brotherhood of Shinsei. I have no complaints about it however, and if I was to get a new GM to start an L5R campaign, I’d easily refer The Naishou Province supplement as one of their first books outside of the core.


Naishou Province is available on PDF from DriveThruRPG for only $12.99 or roughly Php 559.00

  1. yamasaki says:

    This is sweet… before there were only the Emerald Empire sourcebook and the Second City boxed set as setting books for L5R. The former I find overwhelming for local campaign use because of its scope; the other, too exotic for an already exotic campaign. There are small setting materials in the elemental books, but they focus too much on their “element” (understandably) that somehow makes them a bit narrow for me as new L5R GM to use. Naishou Province would probably be the sweet spot.

  2. k1r1el says:

    I’m really thankful that they made a well detailed setting in a local scope. A lot of details which a canny GM may use for the campaign. After reading it, the adventure in the book can act as an introduction to Rokugan and L5R in general.

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