Fight Class Designer Diary 1: Introductions

With Fight Class development going full steam ahead, I figured it would be a good time to talk about the project a bit.

But before all that I guess a little bit of introduction wouldn’t hurt. Some of you know me from this blog, which is perhaps one of the longest running projects I’ve worked on, but I’ve also designed a game before.

Among the games I’ve put together are Crack Kung Fu Fighting Bunnies, Go! which was my first attempt at a 24 Hour RPG. BADASS was my second successful game, with a bunch of positive reviews and a neat little PBP game that’s still running over in

Most of my games have been relatively rules light, though Fight Class is inching it’s way towards the Rules Medium part of the spectrum. I wanted games that people new to the hobby could pick up and try out, without being too intimidated by the sheer volume of rules.

As far as games go, Fight Class is pretty lighthearted as well. It’s meant to be over-the-top action and humor rolled into a single package, with enough room for people to go and come up with interesting character concepts.

I’m excited to talk about what I’ve got under wraps with the character generation part of the game, but I think I’ll have to do with an anecdote from one of my early Playtest games: One of the players let me know that it was his first time trying tabletop rpgs in a face-to-face game as opposed to online and wanted to come up with a HighSchool student Luchador with powers relating to his mask and whether or not the crowd was cheering for him.

It took him about fifteen minutes, give or take.

That was a bit of a victory for me. I’d been worried that the system might be confusing to those new that haven’t been looking at the rules for as long as I have, but he and the other players took to it like a duck to water, so that was a major load taken off my shoulders.

On Monday, I’ll be talking about my inspirations for Fight Class and the general mood and tone of the game.

EDIT: Got a correction from the player in question. He wasn’t new to the hobby, but this was his first try to play a game face-to-face. Adjusted the post to reflect that fact.

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