My Secret Project Revealed: Introducing Fight Class!

Today’s a big day for me since I’m about to announce one of my next project after BADASS!

fightclass2014_logo small

Class is in session!

Fight Class is the tabletop roleplaying game of over-the-top anime action and high school domination! Players take on the role of super powered High School Students fighting in an endless battle against the students of the various other schools of the city to be number one!

Focused on being fast, fun and easy, Fight Class features a flexible custom powers design system let you make any student you can think of, from the varsity-league boxer with explosive rapid-fire punches, the robotics club geek with power armor, or the high-school ninja with smoke bombs and shuriken!

Fight Class doesn’t stop at just the fisticuffs. The conflict mechanics can handle anything from Martial Arts-themed Cooking Duels to Acrobatic Dance Battles and Stylish Fashion Walk-Offs!

Players also chart the course of city-wide domination with the District Conquest rules, where they plot out their moves to get other schools to surrender while fending off rivals who seek to crush your ambitions!


Fight Class is currently under development, but the text is about 80% complete. I’ve been running playtest games of it to run it through the paces, and I’m currently looking for artists who are willing to help me with some vivid and dynamic artwork to reflect the nature of the setting.

I’m currently paying for most of the development work out of my own pocket, but will be publishing the game as a PDF. To help with the costs of artwork and production, I’ll be trying an Indiegogo campaign, so watch this space as I’m planning to put up the campaign page in early 2014!

If you guys liked BADASS, then Fight Class delivers the same philosophy of lean rules with the most impact. So tell your friends about it, I’m very excited for this game and I’m eager to get it in your hands.


  1. Sounds awesome, I’ll definitely look out for that.

    I’m curious, is there any benefit to Indiegogo over Kickstarter? A lot of people seem to prefer Kickstarter from a backer POV, is there much difference from the opposite POV?

    • Hi Haxar!

      I’m going for Indiegogo primarily because Kickstarter isn’t available yet in my country. From their site they currently work for people in the US and Europe, with Australia coming soon. Indiegogo on the other hand will accept a crowdsource campaign even if I’m from the Philippines.

      Personally I’d love to do this over Kickstarter because it’s more popular but I’m afraid beggars can’t be choosers in this case.

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