[Let’s study Mage: the Ascension] Part 3.5 Traditions: Euthanatos

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Death is the ultimate mystery of the human condition, and few things scare people more than the unknown. It is little wonder then that the Mages most concerned with it are among the most feared within the Tradition.

The Euthanatos is a Tradition of Mages who study Entropy and Death. Rather than seeing Death as an end, the Euthanatos are purveyors of endings in order to perpetuate the cycle of death and rebirth. The Euthanatos understand that Death is not the absolute end of things, and that it is a vital part of how things must be. Just as things are born, they too must die.

The Euthanatos bear a rather unsavory reputation. Given how not many people subscribe to the belief in reincarnation, many perceive the Euthanatos as insane serial killers who kill people on the fickle whims of an unknown sense of “fate.” This stems from the fact that the Euthanatos take their duties seriously, and the most feared of their number are assassins who seek out and kill individuals whose lives are detrimental to those around them.


The Euthanatos specializes in the Magic of Entropy, the Sphere that governs decay, death and chance. It’s an esoteric sphere which allows them to manipulate probabilities, speak with the dead, and accelerate (or delay) decay. This alone makes a lot of other mages wary of them as their focus on bringing a Good Death to those who deserve it coupled with this kind of understanding on how things die and systems break down is an unpleasant combination.


The Euthanatos are feared (and even hated) among their allies. Their unsavory reputation and the fascination with death make anyone uncomfortable, and it is no surprise then that the Euthanatos find recruitment particularly difficult.

Their main weakness however is Jhor, the resonance of Death. Dealing with the dead and manipulating magics involving the dead for too long tends to have an effect on the spellcaster, and many Euthanatos find themselves growing increasingly more callous about their methods. Soon their own ability to make decisions wisely is affected by their exposure to death resonance and they become a danger to themselves and their allies. As such the Euthanatos try to police themselves very strictly to make sure that their fellows do not end up growing insane, or worse.


The Euthanatos are slowly learning that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Rather than just administering the Good Death, many of the Euthanatos are learning to take corrective action BEFORE things get to the point where you have to put someone down. Whether it’s being pro-active in cultivating good lives in other people, or being the bitter pill needed to shock someone’s sensibilities into the right path, the Euthanatos are experimenting with new frontiers in adjusting fate before calling on an assassination as the only solution.

Character Concepts

Kindergarten Teacher – Sometimes ensuring a proper ending begins with a proper beginning. Most people wouldn’t believe that you’re a Euthanatos, not with your disarming smile, soothing voice and gentle ways. But you believe in the Tradition’s views as fervently as anyone else. Your path is differen though, you take in kids in troubled neighborhoods, kids who would otherwise grow up criminals, and set them off by building the proper foundations for them to avoid their fates.

Lady Luck – What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You’ve always been dramatic and flamboyant, and those traits suit you very well in what you do. Las Vegas is a nexus of bad decisions, where fates shift wildly from one direction to another, and your job is to take advantage of that and skew it to your advantage. Whether it’s helping that down-on-his-luck Entrepreneur gambling his savings in hopes of gaining capital for his fledgeling business, or ruining that superstar stock broker who made a killing on shady insider trading. You play the fickle lady luck to these people, drifting from table to table, learning their stories and helping (or harming) them along the way.

Voice of Reason – Podcasts hardly seem like a venue for killing, but sometimes people need a voice to shake them out of the stupor of mass media, and the subversive nature of the Voice of Reason lets you do just that. You’re a critic of ideas, of infectious narrow minded thinking. You break down the barriers of what should and shouldn’t be discussed, and you open up possibilities behind you by asking the kind of questions that serve as koans to your listeners. Enlightenment doesn’t come from seculsion, but from involvement, and your fearless pronouncements and insightful views force your listeners to question their opinions and minds and discover Truth for themselves.

  1. The only time I played Mage was as a Euthanatos, though mine was an Existentialist and smoked like a fiend.

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