[Demon: the Descent] – Sample Character Generation

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The Demon: the Descent Kickstarter has gone live and among the amazing things that Onyx Path has done with this one is to upload a 99% complete version of the book’s text. I’ve been reading up on it and I must say that I’m very impressed with it.

So today I’m going to try my hand at working on my very first Demon: the Descent character and posting my impressions of the process.


Demons are entities that are masquerading as people, wearing their “lives” as cover to keep them from the attention of the God-Machine. As such, incongrous concepts are at home with Demon: the Descent. For this character I’m going for: “Excessively Violent Bodyguard.”


The Attribute spread for Demon is pretty standard with no surprises there. I get to distribute a pool of points into three categories Physical, Social and Mental attributes, each of which starts with 1 dot for free.

I decide to go for:

Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2
Mental: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2

I figure my demon focuses more on unleashing hell on people while not really looking the part. He’s fast to react, and can quickly assess a situation. He’s also fairly strong and can put up a fight in a hand-to-hand combat situation.

Skills & Specialties

Assigning points to skills are similar to that of Attributes, with a bigger pool of points and no free dots.

I also get three specialties, one of which has to be a hint of something that the Demon knows that isn’t in line with the current cover. I’ve taken “Spotting Trouble”, “Improvised Weaponry” and “Poisons” as my specialty, with Poisons being the one that isn’t a match for the Cover of Bodyguard.

Given my concept, I’ve decided on:

Mental: Investigation 2 (Spotting Trouble), Medicine 1 (Poisons) Occult 1
Physical: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Drive 2, Firearms 2, Weaponry 3 (Improvised Weaponry)
Social: Intimidation 2, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 2


The Unchained in Demon: the Descent belong to one of 4 different Incarnations. These represent what form they had as Angels, and what their tasks were for the God-Machine before the Fall.

I’m going for a Guardian, the agents of preservation, who are often tasked to preserve aspects of reality (people, places, events) until it can fulfill it’s purpose for the God Machine. This in turns means that my Demon favors Instrumental Embeds, which we’ll get to later on.


Having finally won their freedom, the Unchained now find that they seek out a purpose for their lives, one determined by themselves. These usually fall under one of several Agendas. For my character, I’ll go for Integrator.

Often seen as traitors to the Demonic cause, the Integrators are ones who seek to return to their status as Angels. While some are true traitors, I’m gunning for a Demon who wants to fix the God-Machine somehow, rather than destroy it entirely.

Embeds and Exploits

My Demon also starts with four Embeds and/or Exploits. One Embed must be from the favored Instrumental Embed category while everything else can be chosen from the list. Embeds are little shortcuts in reality that the Demons can utilize, while Exploits are those that break reality’s rules.

For my Character I’m going for the following:

– Read Hostility (Instrumental Embed, Wits + Subterfuge)
– Turn Blade (Instrumental Embed, Wits + Weaponry)
– Merciless Gunman (Cacophony Embed, Dexterity + Firearms)
– Echoing Death (Exploit, Strength + Brawl + Primium)

Virtues and Vices

Virtue and Vices are the next step in character creation. While the new World of Darkness originally used the 7 virtues and 7 deadly sins, the new system allows for players to define their Virtues and Vices with player defined terms.

I’m going for a Vice of Pride, and Virtue of Logical. Don’t piss my Demon off.


The long-term Aspiration for my demon is to find a means to access the God-Machine’s source code, it’s operating instructions. The key here is to fix it somehow to bring sanity (or my version of it) to the God-Machine when I integrate myself into it.

Demonic Form

All Demon characters have access to their Demonic Forms, the techno-organic “True” selves that they hide behind their Covers. Starting characters begin with:

3 Modifications
2 Technologies
1 Propulsion
1 Process

After a bit of thinking, my Guardian Integrator Demon has the following in his Demonic Form:

– Armored Plates
– Blade Hand
– Inhuman Reflexes

– Barbed Tail
– Glory and Terror

– Wings

– Aegis Protocol

Overall, my Demon character looks like quite the combatant. Having him as part of the Integrator faction makes more sense now that I’ve had a chance to think of it. His Pride blinds him into thinking that he can actually change the God-Machine. It’s a very long shot, and one that is probably going to lead him to tragedy somewhere down the line, but he’s efficient, deadly in combat and knows how to take his time. He’s not about to turn on the other Unchained for a chance to be let into heaven, he’s looking to break the gates open and march inside triumphantly.



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