Corporia, the RPG where Camelot meets Corporate now on Kickstarter!


Mark Plemmons of Corporia sent me word that early this month that he was kickstarting a new RPG and that I might want to check it out.

Corporia is an original mashup of two interesting settings, that of the Arthurian Myth and the ultra-sleek corporate stylings of cyberpunk. In some crude way, it is kind of like Pendragon meets Shadowrun, and it turns out surprisingly well.

Corporia assumes a near future setting where Order rules unopposed. People work corporate slave jobs and are pacified by fast food, cheap entertainment and free internet access. Megacorporations rule over society and illegal activities operate discreetly or under the veneer of “legitimate” enterprises.

This cyberpunk dystopia is suddenly turned on it’s head when magic returns to the world with the coming of King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table. Suddenly magic starts working, virtual reality starts turning into a separate realm and creatures start stalking the streets.

The player characters are members of the Knightwatch, a special team of individuals with supernatural abilities working under the Watchman private security company, which is part of the Valyant mega-corporation led by the mysterious CEO Lance Martin. The player characters are tasked to deal with various threats, from mutants to monsters or experiments gone wrong.

It’s a very tightly organized setup, and very open to all sorts of interesting adventures. One can easily put in a magical version of Ghost in the Shell with operatives of Knighwatch serving as Section 9 without the military mandate.

I’ll admit that the magitech / urban fantasy angle has always been a little difficult for me to swallow, hence my issues with Shadowrun. Somehow Corporia manages to sidestep this a little bit in terms of the setting.

The system seems easy enough to learn with a consistent core mechanic of rolling 2d6 and picking the highest result and adding it to an attribute and skill rating. This is then compared to a Target Number to see if the character suceeds or fails.

One thing I do notice though is that the game is pretty traditional in the sense that there’s a lot of carry overs from more tactical games here. Hit Locations, a long skill list and multiple movement ratings (for walking, jogging, running, sprinting, long jumps, high jumps, climbing and swimming) might be a bit too much detail, but it’s a minor nitpick.

Another good thing here is that the authors included a quick preview of the system, including the character creation rules and character sheet for people to check out.

Overall, Corporia looks to be a refreshing new RPG with an interesting urban fantasy / cyberpunk styling that isn’t all dirt and grime. Take the Arthurian Myth, slap it into the world of the videogame, “Mirror’s Edge” and add player characters and we’ve got a potential winner in our hands.

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