[Let’s study Mage: the Ascension] Part 3.4 Traditions: Dreamspeakers

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Shamanic practices are the hallmark of the Dreamspeaker Tradition. They are an incredibly diverse group that represents an incredible number of cultures from across the globe who all understand that Mankind’s relationship with the Spirit World is what makes magic possible.

While it might seem hard to believe, the Dreamspeakers actually have the closest connections with their communities. Whether they operate out in the open (something that is very possible in certain cultures) or secretly, the Dreamspeaker role as liaison to the spirit world helps them be of service to their community in ways that other Mages can’t do.


A Dreamspeaker understands that they live in two worlds, both equally important in the grand scheme of things. To achieve lasting peace, both the human and Spirit world must be without trouble, and the Dreamspeakers work to make that happen.

Dreamspeaker magic is often in the form of communicating and making deals with the Spirits. This can take all sorts of forms, from formal rituals to games of wit and chance and other, more bizzare forms.

Being a Dreamspeaker is not an easy task, but the group understands that their role is cruicial. They often behave in ways that make them strange, or different or frightening, but this is a burden they bear with no small amount of pride as only they understand and appreciate the sacrifices they must make to both sides in order to keep both worlds in order.


Few people are interested in giving up large chunks of a normal existence to appease fickle, dangerous things which don’t comprehend or relate to human psychology, so recruitment is certainly an issue. Dreamspeakers often recruit from those who had awakened to a latent affinity with the Spirit sphere, and try to come in to rescue them before they get into too much trouble.

The other problem that they face is the eroding of their cultures and beliefs. Modernization has hit a point where cultures struggle to maintain some semblance of relevance among the people. Many are reduced to showy displays, where the motions are there, but the underlying meaning are lost. The result is that there are even less individuals who can appreciate the value of the methods that the Dreamspeakers employ.


While the Dreamspeakers might have trouble in recruitment, one thing that they find easily is working with a community. Shamans have always understood how the mortal and Spirit worlds interact, and they take great pains to cultivate both sides of this balance.

As such even those who don’t “believe” a Dreamspeaker are at least willing to let her do her work, for as long as the Dreamspeaker isn’t too dangerous or scary in her magic. Smaller, more superstitious communities might even take the Dreamspeaker as one of their own, and protect her in their own limited fashion.

Character Concepts

Cross-world Architect – To be an architect requires vision, and that goes double for you. You were young, talented, and driven as heck. You joined a firm, climbed the ranks at a frightening pace, and then thrown off a helicopter by a jealous, older rival, getting a once in a lifetime view of the city before you smashed on top of of a high-rise building.

Dying tends to change a person, and you were brought back to life possessed with a greater apprecation for the city. You saw things when you were dead, and understood that the city held more than just humanity. Now you design your buildings for both kinds of inhabitants, paying close attention to their needs. This has made you a strange outlier among other architects, as you defy convention, but at least your work has given you a certain amount of fame on both Mortal and Spirit worlds.

Future-Shaman – “Techno Shaman” is SOOO 90’s. While technology is ripe for spirit magic, it would be foolish to limit your scope to simply that. You are the Shaman of the future, one that looks to innovative concepts and inventions and awakens their Spirits ahead of everyone else. It doesn’t matter what form it takes, in this world is fascinated with being new and cool, so you’ll be as cutting edge as you need to be. By laying claim to things as early as possible, you spread your influence over the things that DO manage to take root. Heck, your Tablet-Spirit is already way up in the spirit Heirarchy and those have only been around in popular culture for a few years.

Ancient Alien Researcher – You’ve met them. On the day of your Awakening, you encountered one first hand. Bright lights, odd shapes, broken anatomy, it was a textbook case. They took you, showed you things, and you barely understood. Now you’re always in contact, receiving transmissions from them, and helping them in their agenda. They’ve never left the Earth, they were beside us this entire time, except other humans weren’t attuned to the proper wavelength. Until that happens they will always be hidden, and we will never understand all their secrets. So you work hard to become a bridge, struggling to understand them so that you can finally prove to the rest of humanity that their benefactors were here all along.


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