Divine Instruments for Part-Time Gods now Kickstarting!


Eloy Lasanta, writing machine and author of Part-Time Gods kindly let me know that Divine Instruments, a supplement for the line is now on Kickstarter! Ever since I first found out about it, Part-Time Gods has been my choice for the Urban Fantasy of Modern Gods type of games, and I’m more than pleased to see that Eloy has taken steps to expand and build upon his initial release.

One particular thing about this kickstarter is that the Stretch Goals are aimed to expanding the line even further. I feel that this is an excellent move on the part of Third Eye Games as it gives people something to be excited about beyond just this book. The supplements mentioned in the kickstarter page are intriguing, and I’m personally looking forward to Minions of the Source and Book of Theologies as directions for the game line.

Third Eye Games has also made Part-Time Gods available on a Pay What You Want basis for the duration of the Kickstarter, giving you a chance to check out the corebook for yourself to see if you like the game enough to support it through the Kickstarter.

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