[L5R Actual Play] Legacy of the Ki-Rin, Session 3, Scene 3

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With the assistance of Tetsumi, the group was able to secure a special permission to enter the Togashi Mountains, the enigmatic home of the Dragon Clan’s Tattooed Men. With the nun as their guide, Altan, Mei-Xing and Shun found themselves in the very heart of the Dragon Clan’s power.

Mei-Xing was flabbergasted at how the Dragon Clan were able to create a fortress built into a mountain. What was more astounding was the fact that it seemed to have been carved out of the stone, rather than built by bricks. Around them the Tattooed Men trained and fought, and she couldn’t help but shake the impression that the entire place was ill-at-ease.

Shun was also busy, activating his spells to determine if the Dragon Clan had any mineral deposits of note, before coming upon a strange anomaly.

“Crystal.” the Shugenja spoke, looking at the others, “There’s a huge crystal underneath us.”

“Indeed.” Tetsumi said, “The Dragon have a large crystal formation underneath the castle… it is abandoned now, faulty but it is unique in it’s properties. Few know of it, but the Dragon have trusted me with knowledge of it… perhaps I am meant to tell you of it?”

Mei-Xing’s eyes lit up, “That would be most helpful, Tetsumi-sama!”

The Unicorn were led down into a secret chamber where they gazed upon a massive Crystal formation.

“So much for taking this home.” Shun frowned.

“I don’t think the Dragon will allow that.” Tetsumi shook her head, “It is of great significance to them.”

“A shame.” Altan spoke, wary of mentioning the Lying Darkness to the Lion Hero, lest he insult her.

They were led outside to rest as Tetsumi settled her affairs to claim Matsu Broli’s ashes. Mei-Xing and Shun sought out the Tamori family to negotiate for the volcanic ashes, while Altan took a look around, trying to sniff out the source of the Dragon Clan’s withdrawal from society.

He found it not long after. A massive hall where the elders of the Togashi Tattooed men were in heated debates with a young man in resplended Crane clothing. Altan recognized the person as Asahina Tezuka, Voice of the Emperor and Grand Master of Shourido.

He observed them, realizing now that the Dragon Clan are wary of this new philosophy taking root among their number, and are trying to counter Tezuka’s influence. Closing their borders would mean that the followers of Shourido would not be able to gain easy access to support Tezuka in the event something happened.

Philosophy against philosophy… the world was changing, and no one could see far enough to know if it was for better or for worse.


Meanwhile the cousins were introduced to Togashi Shimura, the daimyo of the Tamori family.

“You mean to tell me that you want to take home loads of Volcanic soil? You’ve come all the way to the Dragon Mountains for dirt?”

“Not simply dirt, Shimura-sama.” Mei-Xing corrected him gently, “This may hold the secret to improving our crop yields. I believe that the minerals inherent to Volcanic soil can be harnessed to improve our harvests.”

Shimura frowned, “You’re proposing a very strange approach.”

“We Unicorn are famous for that, aren’t we? This shouldn’t be stranger than most of the other things we do.”

“I suppose not… but even so, what do you propose to give us in exchange? Shipping the quantities you’ve requested isn’t going to be easy.”

“No, but we’ve come here prepared to make a deal.” She reached into her pack and took out several glass implements. “We know that the Tamori pride themselves in their skill as alchemists. The Agasha may have joined the Phoenix, but it is no excuse for the Tamori to fall behind.”

“These are accurate?” he asked, looking at one of the graduated cylinders, “And made of glass?”

“A chemically inert substance… one that the Unicorn have sufficient access to.” Mei-Xing smiled, “Surely there’s virtue to having dependable tools when working on volatile substances.”

Shimura studied the tools. What she said was well within reason. Plus with dependable tools even Heimin could be taught to perform simple procedures, freeing up the Tamori to participate in more experiments rather than doing everything themselves.

“You have a deal.”

“Dirt for sand.” Shun chuckled, “We’re off to a good start, it seems.”

With their business concluded, the team made plans on what to do next. Altan figured that his next move would be to continue his research on the Lying Darkness with the other clans. The crystal in the Dragon Lands was a start, but he felt that he could discover more by talking with the Crab next. Shun was eager to learn what the Tamori had planned, and offered to remain in Dragon Lands to study their ways and teach a bit of his own knowledge to improve their alchemy. Mei-Xin on the other hand would return to their holding and begin her agricultural experiments in earnest.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    Especially since we had a hard time just getting access to the Dragon, leaving a representative there was a good solution.

  2. LaughingJack says:

    I discovered your site recently and have been greatly enjoying reading your L5R and Numenera posts. The L5R posts in particular are giving me lots of ideas for games of my own. Now that I am caught up, I’ll be going back and looking at your other articles as well. I do have one question though; was there a Legacy of the Ki-Rin, Session 3, Scene 2 post?

    • Hi there!

      Apologies, the previous entry “Session 3, Scene 1” also covered scene 2, but I failed to note that.

      I also realize that I’m waaaay behind in my actual play reports. I think we’re about 3-4 sessions ahead of my last play report. If you enjoyed the Unicorn Actual Play reports try looking at “Never A Dull Blade” which was the All-Lion campaign that was the longest campaign I’ve run so far, you can check those here: https://philgamer.wordpress.com/?s=never+a+dull+blade

      • LaughingJack says:

        Oh, I started waaaaay back at the first of your L5R posts, starting with the book reviews and the Phoenix Civil War as I recall. Your analysis of the clans that you have run, and each of the families, is excellent at breaking things down, and I might point new players to your write-ups to get a good beginner’s summary.

        • Oh wow, you have been busy 😀

          I’m glad you enjoyed the L5R posts. Aside from the actual play reports are there any particular Clans or topics you’d like me to tackle? I think I’ve only done Unicorn, Crane, Lion, Phoenix and Scorpion so far.

          My players and I thank you for your patronage of our actual play reports, it’s not everyday we get word from people who’ve followed our shenanigans from all the way back to the Phoenix Civil War.

  3. LaughingJack says:

    Well, I did take a couple weeks to get through everything. Great little breaks at work. I’m looking forward to reading your Mutants & Masterminds posts next.

    I’ve always been a fan of the Dragon Clan, and since they’ve shown up in the Legacy of the Ki-Rin, you’ve probably given them at least a little thought. If you are looking for smaller articles, perhaps a brief series on the Minor Clans? I have been considering running a Minor Clans game; all together the Minor Clans give a wide selection of options, and you can have some in-party conflict, but still use the pressure of the Great Clans to keep them together.

    • A series on the Dragon does sound like a good idea, and I’ll have to admit that I haven’t been paying attention to the Minor Clans as much as I ought to. They’re an important part in filling out the bigger picture of Rokugan and are great for the kind of stories that don’t rely on too many high-level politics. I’ll see what I can do.

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