[L5R Actual Play] Legacy of the Ki-Rin, Session 2, Scene 1 & 2

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“The Lying Darkness.” Moto Huwang spat in disgust, “The faceless appearance? The way it moved and fought without a sound? I’m certain it was them.”

He regarded his comrades, looking around the room. His fellow Unicorn Clan samurai all had good reason to be alarmed. The Lying Darkness was a blight upon the Empire, a threat that had at one time been so close to destroying Rokugan not so long ago.

“But weren’t they all destroyed?” Shinjo Altan (Hikkikomori) was the first to voice their thoughts, “When Lady Moon bestowed them the name of Akodo?”

“It makes a wicked sort of sense to be honest,” Horiuchi Shun (Mappy) answered, “The Lying Darkness took the form of a servant in the employ of that Ikoma merchant. He could very well have been one of those Akodo in disguise.”

“I knew we couldn’t trust the Lion,” Moto Hitoshi, (Played by Victor) a giant Moto warrior scowled as he thumbed the scabbard of his massive Scimitar, “All their talk of honor hides a rotten core.”

“But one cannot simply jump to conclusions from a single incident.” Iuchi Mei-Xing (Silver Countess) warned, “Consider the ramifications of making such an accusation upon the Lion Clan. Our Clans barely have a semblance of peace between us. They could easily take our words as a grave insult and drive both our Clans to war again… and we cannot afford a war amongst ourselves when the Yodotai draw closer with each passing day.”

Altan nodded, “We’ll need more information then. I suppose we could arrange for a trip to the Lion Lands… just to confirm our suspicions. We’ve got enough crystal to protect a small group.”

Moto Entreri (Paulo) finally spoke up, “If you plan to travel to these lands, then I will join you. Perhaps my diplomatic skill may be of service.” He was well aware that his gaijin nature was going to make him suspect, but perhaps being the center of attention was going to be useful in this regard.

“I’m going too.” Hitoshi grunted, “You’ll need muscle in this mission.”

Altan nodded, “Too many and we’ll draw too much attention. I think this is a good number.”

“Indeed,” Mei-Xing nodded, “Besides, Shun and I need to prepare our experiments. The fields here are hardly ready and I need a control group if I’m to measure the effects that I’m hoping to encourage.”

“It’s boring work, I assure you,” Shun grinned at the fighters, “Go do your saber rattling, we’ll be right here.”

The journey to Lion lands was uneventful, though the three travelers learned that the Lion’s opinion of the Unicorn has not improved much in the 25 years or so of peace between the two military clans. Gruff, humorless Matsu grudgingly gave them permission to pass, seeing that they were in possession of the proper travel papers. Their stated purpose was trade, a somewhat hastily cobbled together mission statement that Altan had put together on the spot. Their destination was Kyuden Ikoma, home of the Lion Clan’s diplomats and historians.

The place was a poorly disguised military fortress pretending to be a trade city. Lion soldiers marched in perfect formation in parade grounds to the thundering of drums and the gestures of the war fans held by their commanders.  All of this was within plain view of the merchant quarters, a constant reminder of the Lion Clan’s military might to any and all visitors. Perhaps the most interesting sight in the city was the presence of the celestial True Kitsu, creatures from the Spirit Realms returned to Rokugan by the purification of the Tsuno.

Hitoshi shifted uncomfortably, hating how everything in Rokugan was tiny for a man of his size. His Gaijin heritage was a mark of pride in his Clan, but here in enemy territory, it made him an easy target. Thankfully he had his trusty scimitar and his shield in case things got difficult. The entire situation felt wrong somehow, and the idea that a blonde shugenja, a giant Moto warrior and a gaijin sworn into the Moto family walking into what would be the most traditional Clan in the Empire while hoping to come off as normal was almost laughable. Then again, they were Unicorn. Perhaps the stereotypes of their Clan would suit them well.

They reached their destination, the Unicorn Embassy inside the city. Altan knew the man that they were supposed to look for: Shinjo Nomura, the local emissary to the Unicorn Clan. Unsurprisingly, Nomura had very prominent Rokugani features, perhaps to make him more acceptable in the eyes of the Lion. “Greetings, Altan-san.” He bowed at their arrival, “I was told to expect you.”

“My thanks,” Altan bowed in return, “My companions and I know that you’re a very busy man, and we appreciate any time that you can spare.”

“Of course, it is rare for me to encounter my fellow Unicorn here, and I will aspire to assist you in your concerns.”

“Don’t bandy about.” Hitoshi frowned, “We’re not Crane. We think there are Lying Darkness in the Lion and we need your help finding them.”

Nomura paled before gesturing them into the other room further inside. “These are serious accusations.”

“We wouldn’t make them if we didn’t feel they were truth.” Altan said, looking at Entreri.

“I killed one myself.” Entreri spoke, his Rokugani was improving, though his accent was still rather thick, “It fought like nothing I had ever crossed blades with, never spoke and had no features on its face.”

Nomura nodded, “What do you need me to do?”

“Keep an eye out.” Altan said, as he handed Nomura a crystal to ward off the Lying Darkness, “Send word if you suspect that they’re infiltrating the clan.”

“You’ll also need to present yourself to the Daimyo, of course. They’ll grow cautious if you enter the city to see the emissary alone.”

“We’re on a trade mission.” Altan assured him, “I have every intent to see the Ikoma Otemi-sama. We’ve got an interesting proposal for him as well.”

“Oh? Forgive me, but Otemi-sama has little interest in trade these days.”

“He’ll be interested in what I have to offer… if it means that he’ll get to feed his four-legged population.”

And it was at this point in time that I realized that The Legacy of the Ki-Rin is technically the true sequel to Never a Dull Blade. The Unicorn’s outgoing and experimental nature contrasts neatly with the Lion’s hidebound and traditional selves. That said being able to show what the Unicorn are like from their point of view completes the picture.

Over the course of the next few scenes and the following sessions, the group starts developing a trend of visiting other clans in order to learn their situation and formulating ways to fix the Empire, one problem at a time so that when the Yodotai come, the Empire will be a force to be reckoned with.

The question is, will they be fast enough to make that happen?

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    Not to mention we’re now trying to do what we just established for the previous… 2-3 campaigns. haha!

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