[L5R Actual Play] Legacy of the Ki-Rin, Session 1, Scene 2

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Evening fell on the Jewel of the Desert, and the city was lit up by a thousand lamps, a mirror to the stars in the sky.

Entreri (played by Paulo) stood by the edge of the city, his gaze cast beyond the horizon. Tall, olive-skinned and green eyed, with short wavy hair cut close to his skull he looked strange and uncomfortable in his new clothing, a series of intricately layered purple robes.

“Are you ready, brother?” a woman’s voice spoke as a lithe figure approached, her veil concealing all but her striking eyes.

“I am.” Entreri replied, “I know what I must do.”

“You swore a blood oath to a foreign land. Having them take you as one of their brothers.” she smiled behind her veil, “Expedient.”

“There is safety in numbers. And from what I have learned, these Unicorn are the most friendly towards those not from their lands. It would do well for me to learn their ways first.”

“I know you will do well. Do not worry about us, we will endure, as we always have.”

“Do not fight them.” Entreri said, “The Yodotai are beyond even our numbers. We must bide our time and return stronger. With any luck, I may yet return to these sands.”

The woman bowed and turned to leave, vanishing into the shadows.

In contrast, the loud crunching of boots on sand drew Entreri’s attention. His blood brother, the jovial Moto Huwang was grinning as he sauntered over, holding a torch aloft.

“I will never understand why you enjoy wandering around in the dark with out a light.” Huwang said, “Come, I’ve a warm fire and some fermented mare’s milk, a delicacy among my people. You should try some!”

Moto Entreri smiled and nodded.

The Golden Wind Caravan was a marvel of the Unicorn Clan. A massive trade caravan full of exotic goods from faraway lands, it was the lifeblood of the clan’s economy. Shinjo Altan (played by Hikkikomori), the blonde self-styled cultural envoy could hardly contain his excitement as he waited in his tent. No two visits of the caravan were the same. Each time there was something different and fascinating to learn about the world outside. Altan long dreamed for the chance to go out beyond the borders of the Empire as his ancestors had done, but he knew his duties mattered more.

Besides, this particular trip was one that held more than a few important guests that would need his guidance. Members of the Clan who had lived in Medinaat Al-Salaam all their lives, and a stranger who had joined the clan via a blood pact. They would all be lost here, in a land with such strict rules and odd manners.

Altan nearly jumped as a messenger entered the tent, “They’re here, Altan-sama!”

He composed himself as he stood up in one fluid motion, adjusting his kimono as to make the best possible first impression. He strode towards the entrance of his tent and stopped to take a deep breath before pulling the flap aside with a grin.


At this point I think it’s becoming emergent that there are a lot of themes of the concept of coming home (and being unable to) in this first session. Each of the characters is finding their place in the world, and I think that it makes for an interesting way to start off, as it mirrors the early stages of a campaign where even the players aren’t certain of who their characters are until a few games in when they’ve finally hit their stride.

In the interest of adding interesting music appropriate to a scene, here’s another musical score that works very well for both Entreri’s musing and Altan’s excitement for the future.

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    This post, I like it.


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