[L5R Unicorn Clan Campaign: Legacy of the Ki-Rin] Dramatis Personae

Posted: June 16, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Actual Play, Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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Last night the gaming group finally got together to finalize character concepts. While some of my players were already done with their characters, the others were still trying to find interesting concepts to play for the Unicorn Clan campaign. We didn’t get to play for very long as character creation finished by the time dinner rolled around, but it was still pretty amusing and I think we have a decent set of characters to work with for the game.

Iuchi Mei-Xing (Ide Courtier Rank 1 played by Silver Countess)

A young scholar from the Unicorn’s holdings in Medinaat al-Saalam, Mei-Xing could be considered to the the furthest thing from the standard Rokugani stereotype. Having grown up in the Jewel of the Desert when her parents moved there to attend to the Unicorn’s interests in the Burning Sands, Mei-Xing grew up in a very different kind of society. She proved to be a very bright child, taking to the sciences and teachings of foreign cultures like a fish to water. She was barely an adult when she was formally inducted to the great academy of the Caliphate, where she taught lessons while learning from the other masters there. Much of her knowledge would be downright blasphemous in the eyes of Rokugan, but she feels that it is only because the homeland doesn’t know any better.

Asked to leave her home and her profession to return to a backwards society has been painful for the young Scholar, but she obeys the wishes of the Khan, hoping that she’ll be strong enough to convince the Empire to adapt in time, or suffer the consequences.

Horiuchi Shun (Horiuchi Meishodo Shugenja Rank 1 played by Mappy)

A progressive member of the tiny Horiuchi family, Shun is also Mei-Xing’s cousin. Shun shares her disdain for the “backwards” nature of the homeland but has a different approach to the news of being sent back. Their knowledge is a weapon that they can use in Rokugan. While the other clans are free to ignore their advancements, at least the Unicorns can actually leverage their knowledge and secrets to consolidate power whether the other clans want it or not. Shun has little qualms about dragging Rokugan kicking and screaming down the road to progress.

Shinjo Altan (Horiuchi Meishodo Shugenja Rank 2 played by Heineken)

The affable blonde shugenja fancies himself as a self-styled cultural envoy. Fascinated by knowledge, Altan has a deep and abiding love for learning in almost any form, and being involved with a group of individuals who have spent most of their days in the  Burning Sands is a rare treat for him. Among the other player characters, Altan serves as the group’s fact-checker and voice of reason in terms of lending Rokugani context to things that they might decide to do. That said, Altan’s skill doesn’t just end with merely talk, his skills also make him a decent duelist should things devolve to such a state.

Moto Entreri (Assassin Slayer Rank 1 played by Paulo)

A true Gaijin from Medinaat al-Saalam, the samurai known as Moto Entreri is a member of the Assassins, a mysterious guild from the Burning Sands, whose true name is Ard Al-Rashid. Sent by his faction to join the Unicorn into Rokugan to preserve the Assassins in the event of a Yodotai invasion of the Jewel of the Desert, he made a blood pact with Moto Huwang, a boisterous Unicorn samurai who was more than glad to induct a man with such an interest in Rokugan into the clan. Quiet, contemplative and perceptive, Entreri understands that he is a stranger in a strange land, but his best interests would be to protect his foster Clan to the best of his ability.

I have another player, Victor, but he’s yet to finalize his character concept. As soon as I have his final submission, I’ll update this post accordingly.


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