[Let’s Study] World of Darkness: God-Machine Chronicle Rules Updates, Starting Tomorrow!

Posted: May 2, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Let's Study, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness
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The World of Darkness Storytelling System has been around for quite a while, and with the recent release of the awesome God-Machine Chronicle the core rules have received a pretty extensive rules update and revision.

The rules changes range from minor to pretty large overhauls of the entire subsystems including Combat and the creation of a Social Maneuvering system. We’ll be spending the next few days going over these rules revisions, seeing what works and how it affects character creation and play. Since I’ve got a Mage: the Awakening campaign in planning stages right now, this is of special interest to me. That said, if a Chronicle Book for Mage doesn’t come up with a conversion soon enough, I suppose I could run GMC as a straight up mortals game first.

We’ll kick off tomorrow with a discussion of the Character rules starting with the new Aspirations, Virtues and Vices and Integrity / Breaking Point systems.

  1. Octavo says:

    In case you haven’t seen David Brookshaw’s quick conversion rules:

    “Yeah. And while I’m finishing a paying job, to get you started…
    Mages have three Obsessions as well as their Aspirations, representing the Mysteries they’re working on. These, and resolving Conditions they get from spellcasting, produce Arcane Beats. Arcane Beats form Arcane Experiences, which are used to buy Gnosis.
    Gnosis 5 Experiences per dot ruling Arcana 3 Experiences per dot other Arcana 4 Experiences per dot Willpower recovery 2 Experiences per dot
    The Legacy “Tithe” consumes the first Beat (of either sort) you get in a story. If you have Legacy students, you receive a beat the first time you interact with them in a story.
    All Beats gained in the Astral Realms are Arcane Beats.
    More – including Mage Armor – in a few days.”


  2. chindividual says:

    I really like what they did with the whole Beats thing. It even sounds cool. I can imagine sitting around the table, and telling a player to “take a Beat”. It just has that ring to it, next to the fact that the entire system of how it interacts with Conditions is smooth!

    • I really like what I see with the Beats / Experiences system as well, and tying it with resolving conditions is particularly inspired. Of course I’ve had some players worry that it might lead to a spiral of players going for the worst possible situations just to gain Beats faster… but I’ll have to run the game to find out.

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