[HERO 6th] City of Champions – Character Hooks

Posted: April 11, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, HERO, Roleplaying Games
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Today I’m looking at the player characters in my ongoing not-so-serious HERO campaign. Despite an attempt to try to lighten the mood somewhat of this campaign, I still find myself falling to old habits of dredging through the histories and concepts of my players in order to find interesting plot hooks that I can work with. At this point my players all have potentially strong hooks hiding in their backstories, and so I figure I might as well do some poking around to see what falls out:

  • Ishtar (Chloe Smith, played by Silver Countess) – As a young Djinni Princess, Ishtar is a walking plot hook. Aside from the usual amusements of having someone who doesn’t quite understand the modern world, her unique magical background gives a lot of opportunities to introduce Magic villains as well. From the Sahir that enslaved her long ago, to various other demons or supernatural creatures. Possible plot hooks involve her kidnap / capture to turn her as a slave, force her real father into servitude or to turn her into a magical component in some complex ritual.
  • Mr. Flight / Mr. Fight (Jeremiah Jackson, played by Paulo) – As the team’s mysterious experiment gone wrong, Mr. Flight / Fight has a lot of potential to work the mad science angle. From shadowy science organizations that are interested in the experiments done to him, to other survivors of similar experiments, there’s a lot of potential of going nuts in a science facility of some sort. Already, I’m seeing a surplus of Science Villains in this character’s future.
  • Deadweight (Jensen McCormick, played by Mappy) – Being the son of a retired Hero, Deadweight’s stories come from dealing with stepping out of his father’s shadow (and his father’s enemies.) Normalcy would have been nice for Jensen, but he knows that he needs to learn to take care of himself right away if he plans to be anything but a liability for his father. He’s also new to Detroit, making him a good outsider character trying to fit in without being as alien as Ishtar. Legacy Villains make for a perfect fit for this character.
  • Key (Alex Graham, played by Hikkikomori) – Struggling to overcome his shyness while being the team’s pointman has Key caught in a balancing act of being in the spotlight while trying to avoid it. His powers are remarkably useful in his normally subtle approach, but he’s not afraid to pull out the big guns if the situation warrants it. The rejection / avoidance behavior of his parents is a good source of stories for him, and I can imagine that situations that give him a chance to “fit in” to a group is perhaps the one that will resonate the most. Of course, not all these groups are “good” for him. Key is a type of character that doesn’t normally earn villains, but does have a lot of potential for more human stories of a teen struggling to find a place for himself.

Given this sort of group, most of the stories in this game should revolve around situations that the characters could reasonably be involved in. While the occasional higher-level crisis or villain might show up, I should remember to scale down to threats that make sense in the character’s world view and not just rely on the city destroying threats all the time.

Next up, I’ll see if I can start slapping together some villains into a rogues gallery for each of the player characters.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    Yep. I’m trying to keep low-key (pun intended, badum-tss!)

    I’m technically the straight man in this clown car. haha

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