[HERO 6th] City of Champions – Roll Call

Posted: April 4, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, HERO, Roleplaying Games
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The HERO game has been officially started with the full roster of player characters in already. There’s still time to tweak the character builds over the next few weekends, but what we’ve got so far has been promising. The group has shrank to 4 players so hopefully this will mean that the game will be more manageable. Add the fact that only one character has a Speed of 4, and combats seem to proceed briskly with little of the slowdown that HERO was originally despised for.

I’ll be updating the names as soon as I get to the character sheets, but off the top of my head, the concepts are:

  • Ishtar (Chloe Smith) – A Djinni princess rescued from a cruel Sahir by the renowned adventurer, Red Smith, Ishtar took on the mortal name of Chloe and was enrolled in the Claremont Academy to learn the ways of mortal in this modern age. As a girl out of time, Chloe is always an interesting source of odd observations and an outsider’s view of things. As a Djinni, Ishtar is a being of “smokeless fire” and has the ability to manipulate that element, as well as cast various Spells that can be used to aid her team, including her Flying Carpet, which serves as the team’s primary mode of fast transport.
  • Key– (Alex Graham) – A child of 2 very popular musical performers, Alex was shunted away to the Claremont Academy the moment his parents realized that he had the power to manipulate Sound, fearing the backlash and negative publicity that having a metahuman kid might bring to their “talent.” Despite being wealthy, Alex is a shy and retiring type, preferring to stay in the background and relay battlefield information rather than to charge into the front lines. Alex’s closest adult guardian is Clyde, a roadie that works for his parents.
  • Mr. Fight / Mr. Flight (Jeremiah Jackson) – An escaped experimental subject on awakening the potential of latent metagenes, Mr. Flight was one of the project’s greatest successes. It was unknown what procedures were performed on the young man, but his psychological condition of suffering multiple personalities based on various stressors, specifically triggering the Fight or Flight response allows the boy to switch Power Sets. As Mr. Flight, he gains extra speed and a host of survival and stealth abilities. As Mr. Fight, he gains incredible strength and durability. While a very difficult individual to deal with socially, his merits in combat and usefulness cannot be underestimated. Samantha Jones is the only adult that Mr. Flight / Mr. Fight can speak to with any degree of trust, as she served as a Social Worker that helped him into his new home and place in the Claremont Academy.
  • Deadweight (Jensen McCormick) – As a son of another superhero, Deadweight knows the irony of his codename. His powers centered on the ability to increase or decrease his density (and weight) at will, giving him an edge in hand to hand combat. As a legacy hero, he has the extra perk of being trained on off hours by a parent that can understand and appreciate his powers. However the murder of his mother by Primordius, his father’s nemesis, has left Deadweight emotionally scarred. In order to help start over, Deadweight and his father have moved to Detroit and Deadweight was enrolled in Claremont Academy.

So from the point of view of most character roles, we have two blasters and two bruisers, with one bruiser moonlighting as a speedster. It’s an interesting mix, that can certainly work out, and I’m doing what I can to review my notes, and start working on the various storylines that I can introduce. Given that it’s a high school game, there’s plenty of opportunities for the team to get into interesting situations without the need for combat, but as a supers game, it’s kind of expected to have a few crazy fights now and then.

  1. EvilGardenGnome says:

    You were asking about what your readers like, and this reader likes these character posts! These, game pitches, and Actual Plays are definitely high lights for me.

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