Struggling to Center Myself and asking for Feedback

Posted: April 2, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Roleplaying Games

Hey guys,

As you might have noticed, my posting schedule has been out of whack for the past few weeks. A combination of some RL issues and work has conspired to drain me of a lot of my usual enthusiasm but I’m looking to get back into the swing of things as soon as I can. As such, I’ll have to ask for your patience as I work my way through some things and try to get back to the usual reviews and articles.

In the meantime, perhaps it’s a good idea to ask for feedback on what you’d like to see more in this blog. Are you looking for more Reviews? Let’s Study articles on a specific game? More GMing advice? Actual Play Reports? Beginner’s Guides?

Let me know and I’ll see if I can cater to the kind of content that you’d like to see in the blog. If anything maybe keeping busy with this will be the best way for me to hit my stride again.

  1. Jason says:

    As a random person on the web, all those ideas sound great. I am partial to play reports. keep up the good work!

  2. Haxar says:

    Seriously, your blog is fun and interesting to read, more would always be welcome 🙂

    All types of posts sound good but if I had to pick, I’d say Let’s Studys, GMing advice and Actual Play Reports.

  3. yamasaki says:

    I’d say more GMing advice, too. Also, Actual Plays of games you haven’t tried before. Otherwise, the blog is fine.

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