Supers On The Brain: Tone and Expectations for City of Champions

Posted: March 13, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Campaign Design, HERO, Roleplaying Games

After the previous campaign, I figure I might as well spell out what my expectations and tone will be for the City of Champions campaign starting this weekend.

Overall, the campaign will be lighter in tone from a lot of the other games I run. The theme of “great power comes with great responsibility” will be the backbone of the campaign, but it will also deal with the difficulties of being a teenager.

In many ways the supers genre is naturally compatible with being a teen. Putting it in a supers game where the said awkward teenagers are given superpowers just allows for the melodrama and situations to be writ large.

I won’t be dealing with a lot of super-serious situations, but will try to keep myself grounded on the things that matter so much to teens: dates, social standing, how they look, what people think… these are all soul-crushing dilemmas to teens, and I hope to play those up.

That said, this is a supers game, so I expect there will be some amount of fisticuffs as compared to my previous campaign. I expect lots of cinematic action to go along with it.

I expect players to play according to their concepts. Teens are prone to making rash decisions due to emotions, so that is appropos for this game. Death is a MAJOR event for teens and I’ll be holding off on lethal adversaries as much as I can until the game has a chance to mature.

I hope that players also contribute to the game’s fun and talk to me and the other players to come up with interesting situations and ideas to keep the ball rolling. I’ll be doing my job as a GM but having players that are keen on trying new things or suggesting new situations will always be appreciated.

I’ll try to keep the game moving briskly, even with HERO’s reputation for combat taking forever. With any luck we’ll be able to breeze through those encounters and still keep to the cinematic feel.

  1. Tom Reed says:

    It’s interesting. I’m just now working on my own superteens campaign after ending a 10 yr game. Set in San Diego and using M&M 3rd Ed. I’ll be very interested in seeing how you handle the challenges of a teenaged hero game.

  2. dirty_yasuki says:

    For some recent reference I recommend “Gladstone’s School for World Conqueror’s”. It’s a fun adolescent super’s comic… for VILLAINS!!! mwahahahahaha!!!

  3. EvilGardenGnome says:

    I’m excited to see how this turns out. I’m hoping to run a supers (mm3) game with my group soon and am planning a focus on sidekicks becoming main heroes. Very interested in seeing how you handle that transition.

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