[L5R: Heart and Souls] End of the Road

Posted: March 12, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Actual Play, Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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Hey there,

Due to stress-related circumstances, my Legend of the Five Rings Campaign: Heart and Souls has been cancelled. It’s a tough choice, but a reality in the hobby. Sometimes campaigns just don’t pan out the way you hoped they would. That said I still would like to take the time to thank all my players who have participated in the campaign. I had a blast running the game, and was very amused by the fact that we got this game to 7 sessions without a single initiative roll.

  1. Sorry to hear that, it was interesting to watch the campaign develop.

    • Hey there,

      Yeah. I’m pretty bummed about it, but them’s the breaks. If you’d like I could contact you via email and show you what I had planned behind the scenes.

      • I admit, I am curious.

        • EvilGardenGnome says:

          Very sad to hear this. I was really getting into this and it was turning into a great capstone to an L5R trilogy. You should consider a fan-fic rendition.

          You managed to pull off an awesome political campaign and the players succeeded at avoiding combat. Wasn’t sure they’d pull it off, so kudos all around.

          Also, I’d like to see the campaign notes if that was an open offer. I’ll send an email.

  2. Haxar says:

    Damn, that’s harsh. Oh well, thanks for the very interesting game reports, it was great to see how a low-combat political game could run 🙂

  3. Hikkikomori says:

    I shot the Emperor!
    And his brother too~

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