GM’s Day Sale – Philippine Gamer’s Picks: Pinnacle Entertainment

Posted: March 7, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Deadlands Reloaded!, Hell on Earth Reloaded, Roleplaying Games, Savage Worlds
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Savage Worlds is one of the most popular systems in RPGs nowadays and it’s not difficult to see why. With a focus on being fast, easy to learn and fun, and with a flexible core mechanics that allows for implementation into a host of settings, Pinnacle Entertainment is very good at churning out imaginative and fun games.

Savage Worlds Deluxe Core Rules

The Deluxe Edition is the latest iteration of the Savage Worlds rules. Incorporating tweaks from the previous edition, along with some very nice art, the book is great as a stand-alone game and can be improved further by picking up the iconic Deadlands setting books below:

Deadlands Reloaded!: Player’s Guide
Deadlands Reloaded!: Marshall’s Handbook

Deadlands Reloaded! is THE Weird West RPG. Iconic, atmospheric and fun as all get out, Deadlands Reloaded mixes supernatural horror with western grit to make a potent combination that can handle spooky stories and western drama in equal measure.

Deadlands Noir

Spinning off the Default Deadlands setting to the 1930’s Deadlands Noir is a setting independent of the Deadlands Reloaded! books but still requires the Savage Worlds rules. The setting is complete and presents an entire city for hard boiled noir adventures staring dirty cops and dirtier crooks with the signature weirdness of the Deadlands setting.

Hell on Earth Reloaded

Hell on Earth takes the Weird West and subjects it to an (un)healthy dose of radiation. Mutants, radiation and doomsday cults roam the wastelands and it’s up for the players to set things right. Definitely another must-have for Savage Worlds Players.


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