[Let’s Study Mummy: the Curse] The Decrees, The Falcon-Headed

Posted: February 15, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Let's Study, Mummy: the Curse, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness
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To the Falcon-Headed, also known as the Charioteers or Talons, life is not about flimsy emotions, but rather about action and the direct application of power. It’s a sound philosophy, as only the dead do not affect their environment. Even the base act of breathing moves the air.

The Falcon-Headed are the doers of the Arisen society. No matter what their Guild, they prefer to lead from the front, making progress with every step, preferring to do something rather than to sit around and think about how it makes them feel.

If the Lion-Headed are the “social” mummies, then the Falcon-Headed are the dynamic ones. They understand and appreciate the value of plans, but won’t waste time when they could be putting the said plan into action.

the Falcon-Headed, have the Ba (spirit) as their Defining Pillar, and for good reason. Their unbreakable will and determination to forge ahead in spite of adversity is probably the source of so many stories of the the unstoppable mummy.

To restore their Pillars, the Falcon-Headed must triumph over adversity. They recover a point in any Pillar when they dedicate effort towards a mental or physical challenge. This isn’t just sitting in a corner doing a crossword puzzle, but literally throwing yourself against a true challenge. Picking a fight is a quick way to do this.

But to restore all his Pillars the Falcon-Headed must achieve something truly heroic. In this he pits himself not just against a worthy challenge, but one where the consequences are serious. Severe injury counts for this, resulting in some truly heroic risk-taking from this sort of Arisen.

Having an impulsive Arisen is pretty amusing, I must admit, and the Falcon-Headed might be the source of dynamism in a game where players have the option to really sit down and wait out their opponents.

The Falcon-Headed’s philosphy is amusing, but it rewards impulsive and foolhardy behavior at times. Then again, having that kind of quality is commendable, and opens possibilities of a Mummy game being particularly action-packed if necessary.

I can see this working, but I hope that the player using such a character can temper the Arisen’s behavior and not end up trolling the game by using this Decree to do something monumentally stupid and then claim that it’s something that their character would do.


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