[Let’s Study Mummy: the Curse] The Decrees, The Lion-Headed

Posted: February 14, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Let's Study, Mummy: the Curse, Roleplaying Games, World of Darkness
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The Lion-Headed, also known as the Hands of Sekhmet or the Sphinxes, are the Arisen driven by passion and emotion. Among the Arisen, they are the ones who hold the view that it is the ability to feel that separates the living from the dead, and they cherish and value this ability.

Naturally this sort of affects their ability to relate to the fellow Arisen, given that not all of the Mummies share this ability to feel, having given it up to the Judges. To the Lion-Headed, this is a tragedy and a shame, as the other Mummies are made lesser for it. That said, the Lion-Headed also possess the best ability to relate to people, and are some of the most “approachable” of the Arisen.

In many ways the Lion-Headed are the “social” Mummies, and their ability to adapt to human society (beyond just the simple methodology of their Guild) makes them well suited to building cults of personality.

One of the most interesting facets of the Decrees is that they also influence how a Mummy recharges their Pillars (a concept that I’ll have to introduce later, but let’s just say that it has something to do with their powers for now.) It’s an interesting mechanic, meaning that in order for a Mummy to make the most of his powers, he will need to interact with people around him in some fashion.

For the Lion-Headed, their Defining Pillar is Ab (the heart) and thus their ability to restore their Pillars is tied towards a validation of their instincts and feelings. They restore their Pillars when they succeed in a challenge with nothing but a hunch, a gut feel, or sheer ballsy improvisation. They also restore their pillars if they’re able to recruit assistance via an appeal to emotions, or triumphs over an enemy or rival.

The most powerful means for a Lion-Headed Mummy to restore their Pillars however, is undergoing a new emotional experience. This pertains to an emotion that the Mummy had not experienced before (or at least doesn’t recall having, yet.) Take note that this could be a good or bad emotion. Joy and Grief have equal value in this regard.

I’m a big fan of social characters, and the Lion-Headed are a refreshing way to break the stereotype of the Arisen as they’ve been presented so far. Far from just being machines, having a group of them dedicated to emotion and it’s worth to humanity as a whole is a nice touch. I can see this working very well across all the Guilds, but most notably with the Mesen-Nebu and ironically the Sesha-Hebsu.

In fact, playing a Lion-Headed Sesha-Hebsu who feels strongly about avenging those who have suffered from injustice will be neat, as he runs the risk of losing Sekhem by diverting his time towards helping victims rather than pursuing his Purpose.

  1. Nick Pilon says:

    Lion-headed also get some of the most hilarious powers. Hilariously awkward, depending on group dynamics and comfort levels.

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