[L5R 4e: Hearts and Souls] NPC Profile: Doji Mika – Vengeful Investigator

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Mika could have been somebody. At least until her quest to avenge the murder of her lover and mentor led her to earn the ire of the wrong people, most of all the Emerald Magistrate, Shosuro Jimen. Now demoted to a lowly doshin, Mika can only fume and rage at her rank’s inability to investigate his death.

That said, she still feels the pull of duty to the Clan, freed as she was from love, all she had now was her work. Even as a doshin, her skill with the jitte and willingness to get her hands dirty in the back alleys of Toshi Ranbo made her something of a local hero to the invisible and the downtrodden.

Without any prospects of promotion, but retaining the dignity and sense of duty of a true Crane, Mika can be a useful ally for the Player Characters when it comes to investigating certain angles.

Insight: 129 Next Rank: 150

Schools: Doji Magistrate 1

Air 3
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3

Earth 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 2

Fire 2
Agility 2
Intelligence 2

Water 2
Strength 2
Perception 3

Void 2

*Defense 3
*Horsemanship 2
*Jiujutsu 3
*Kenjutsu 3
*Knives (Jitte) 4
*Polearms 2
*Etiquette 2

Honor: 5.5
Infamy: 1
Status: 1

Light Armor
Sturdy Clothing
Jitte (1 pair)
Traveling Pack
10 Koku

Rank 1: Temper Steel with Honor

Balance 2pts
Clear Thinker 3pts
Hero of the People 2pts

Driven 2pts
Infamous 2pts
Lost Love (Kuroda, Sempai and Lover) 3pts

  1. A good, solid character but I would suggest a rank or two of Investigation and Lore: Law to round her out.

  2. tarathiel23 says:

    it shows that crane get to be magistrates due to political reasons rather then skill set

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