[L5R Hearts and Souls] Dangling Plot Hooks

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In the spirit of a good soap opera, I figure I might as well start posting the most dominant plot hooks of the Heart and Souls campaign in a summary format as to help guide my players and myself. In some ways I might be tipping my hand, but I trust my players in this game to avoid metagame behaviors. So, without further delay, let’s look at what we’ve got so far:

  • With Akodo Kaneka dead from the conclusion of Never a Dull Blade, the position of Shogun is suddenly vacant. The Shogun is the military commander of the Imperial Legions, and is the military leader of the Empire. As such, the Clan that holds the position of Shogun will wield considerable power both in the court and in war. As of the moment, several illustrious generals are vying for the position:
    • Hida Kisada, Fortune of Persistence and former Champion of the Crab Clan – Hailed as a mighty tactician and fearsome warrior, Kisada has already died once, only to return as a Fortune. His experience in war and fearsome presence makes him an ideal general and many view him as the strongest contender for the position of Shogun.
    • Akodo Senji, Daimyo of the Lion Clan’s Akodo Family – Having gained incredible Glory and Renown for his crucial role in both defeating the Dark Oracle of Water in single combat, and saving the Emperor’s life from a Gozoku plot led by a treacherous Akodo Kaneka, Senji is the Lion’s obvious candidate.
    • Shiba Danjuro, Paragon of Virtue and Phoenix Clan General – Danjuro was a man who quickly outgrew his beginnings as a simple Yojimbo, escalating in rank to eventually become one of Akodo Kaneka’s most trusted Advisors. Shamed by his superior’s involvement with the Gozoku, Danjuro is resolved to take over as Shogun and erase the dishonor associated with the position.
    • Bayushi Paneki, Defender of the Empire and Champion of the Scorpion Clan – The fearsome Champion of the Scorpion is also well regarded as a high ranking officer of the Imperial Legions and was given the title of Defender of the Empire. Cunning, suave and adaptable, Paneki’s leadership style and experience in war has given the Scorpion a lot of prestige (and infamy) in mass combat.
  • The dissolution of the Daidoji Harriers is a gaping wound in the solidarity of the Crane Clan’s families. Many of the Harriers consider themselves to be patriots and martyrs for the defense of their Clan, and Doji Domotai‘s edict to dissolve their order and execute their leadership has resulted in a shamed Daidoji family. While the recent purge of their ranks has left only the most loyal Daidoji to remain in Domotai’s service, there’s no telling just how many ex-Harriers are still around.
  • With the recent successes of the Lion Clan in both the battlefield and the Courts, the Crab Clan and the Mantis Clan have gained new avenues to conduct trade without having to run into the usual opposition of the Crane Clan’s Daidoji Trading Council. This has resulted in a rapid growth of the Crab and Mantis Clan’s economic strengths, something that the Scorpion Clan are happy to allow. The Crane are now forced to find ways to keep up or risk losing valuable business and their economic dominance in the Empire.
  • Oh look, it’s Shigure and the Three Leaves Merchant House!
  • Yoritomo Yoyonagi is such a darling courtier, isn’t she?
  • Shosuro Jimen is a man with a purpose, but will he be reliable when looking into crimes that affect Crane interests?
  • Just where is Miyata nowadays, anyway?
  • Shiba Tsuke was last seen in the custody of Yogo Honnouji, but for a man of Great Destiny, he’s most likely to return somehow.

It might seem to be a lot, but these are all plot hooks that are collected both from current events and loose ends from Never a Dull Blade and the Phoenix Civil War campaigns that I’ve run. I’m tempted to close off on some of these plot hooks are some are more than ripe for conclusion.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    It’s more fun in Rokugan!

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