[L5R Clan Analysis: Scorpion] The Soshi Family

Posted: January 16, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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The Soshi are one of the two major Shugenja family of the Scorpion Clan. Unlike most of the other clans, the Scorpino actually have two families dedicated to the art of spells, and the Soshi are the subtle ones of the two.

Much like the Shosuro, the Soshi family prefer to stay in the background, away from the attention of other Clans. They are reclusive and secretive, and spend much of their time dedicated to their primary purpose in the clan: Information Gathering.

Their focus on Air spells make them excellent at being able to eavesdrop into conversations or suss out information through magical means. They are keenly aware of just how important they are to the Clan’s efforts as a whole and are less rigid about following rules and such, as they are conditioned to take any advantage that they can in order to glean the information that the clan will need.

This is not to downplay the fact that they are the clan’s spiritual center, of course. Among the Scorpion, they are the ones most well versed in the Tao, and are generally spiritual in the same sense as any shugenja. The Soshi take their duties to the kami as seriously as any other clan’s Shugenja.

I find that the Soshi Family makes for an interesting “behind the scenes’ character, and as long as the player is motivated, having this kind of character is a great way to sniff out plot hooks and interesting information that can be used to loop the entire group into an adventure.


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