[L5R 4e: Hearts and Souls] Campaign Trailer

Posted: January 8, 2013 by pointyman2000 in Actual Play, Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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Fade in to the azure skies above Kyuden Doji, and pan down into the shoreline, giving a wide angle view of the resplendence of the castle and the surrounding city.

It is winter, and gentle snow graces the rooftops of the city and it’s walls, lending an air of serenity to the town as men and women go about their business.

The camera sweeps towards the city, passing the busy merchant district that mingles shoulder to shoulder with the warehouses of the docks. Where people wearing kimono of every color and fashion haggle over prices and goods.

The camera continues it’s lazy flight, passing large open square with a statue of Lady Doji before gliding up a staircase and just underneath a torii arch, revealing the Asahina temples, where young shugenja in training meditate while facing the gardens.

The camera banks right mimicking a bird in flight as it flies past a Dojo, where the Kakita practice with blades and brushstrokes, expressing the duality of their founder.

Finally the camera arrives at the ten-story castle of Kyuden Doji. Stately, unchanged and eternal, the symbol of civilization and peace as Lady Doji herself intended. The camera slows down, slipping into an open window before pulling slightly back, revealing that the point of view was that of a majestic falcon, settling into the gloved hand of a stately woman with silver hair cut short in a warrior’s fashion, her beautiful face marred by a single diagonal scar.

Her expression is serene, even as she slips the hood upon the falcon, and turns her attention to your characters.

Ohayou Gozaimasu.” Doji Domotai, Champion of the Crane Clan speaks, her voice bearing the timbre of one used to barking out orders rather than the high-pitched voice used to please people in decent company, “Shall we get down to business?”


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