[Legend of the Five Rings] Book of Earth Now Available in DriveThruRPG!

Posted: December 25, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Looks like Alderac wanted every L5R fan’s day to feel extra special with the release of the PDF version of the Book of Earth!


Be like unto the earth, and you shall endure forever.”

     – Isawa Norimichi, Master of Earth

The earth is the rock upon which the Empire of Rokugan has stood proudly for more than one thousand years, both as a metaphor and a very real truth. They are the essence and soul of the Crab Clan, as well as the power and the determination of the Dragon. Countless families and Fortunes are of Earth, and their works within the mortal realm depend upon its strength to shape the face of destiny.

The Book of Earth is the second in a series of elemental sourcebooks that will explore the themes of each of the five elemental Rings. From the quiet, stolid fortresses that stand quietly against the force of the Empire’s enemies, to the crushing violence of a tetsubo, every aspect of the eternal essence of Earth is examined.

In this book you will find explorations of the following:

  • Sumai and its traditions throughout the clans
  • The devastating use of heavy weapons in the martial philosophy of Rokugan
  • Spells concerning containment and resistance
  • Kiho utilized by the Brotherhood of Shinsei
  • The silent, foreboding fortress known simply as the Lair
  • And much more!

The Book of Earth is available from DriveThruRPG for only $23.99 or roughly  Php 984.00

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    Finally! Hopefully there are more uses for the Earth Ring and its Attributes other than to Resist Poison.

    And more kung-fu! You can never have too much kung-fu.


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