[L5R 4e Hearts and Souls] The Doji Family

Posted: December 18, 2012 by pointyman2000 in Articles, Legend of the Five Rings, Roleplaying Games
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The Doji family is the one directly descended from the Clan’s founder, and who carry her name. As such, they hold themselves to the highest of standards in exemplifying her contribution to Rokugani society. Lady Doji was known to be the Kami to have created the foundations of modern civilization and the social rules and etiquette that sustain it. Everything from Art, Fashion, Style, Architecture, Gardening and Politics fall under the Doji purview, and they uphold it with the same zeal and focus as the Lion Clan does towards topics like warfare and strategy.

Because of this, the Doji are often found in the forefront of the Crane Clan’s diplomatic corps. Their mastery of the nuances involved in the often convoluted Rokugani court make them a dominant force in any political arena, rivaled only by the Scorpion. The Doji pay particular attention to beauty and elegance as a philosophy, a mindset that serves them well in the pursuit of the Clan’s interests, as the Doji do not like leaving things half-baked. Shoddy work is the mark of a lazy mind, and the Doji abhor such things. Their successes are therefore elegant, beautiful and absolute.

With this in mind, we see that the Doji family is concerned with the ideal of the Higher Man, the person who is involved with issues that are higher up Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. With material and survival needs met, the Doji is one who turns their attentions towards nobler goals.

The focus on Beauty and Art is an excellent example of this. While most peasants would be more content to scratch a living from the ground, the Doji set their sights on creating beauty. In what form this takes can be anything, but applying the idea that beauty and elegance can exist in all forms and all work can lead to interesting characters.

Already I can see a Doji Magistrate who prefers to solve crimes through insightful investigation and elegant manipulation to force a confession from the guilty party. Every crime solved is a part of a great body of work meant to inspire those who follow in the magistrate’s footsteps.

The focus on Law and Politics is also a good jumping point for characters, the Crane clan literally created the rules for the great game of politics, and should therefore ideally embody the higher purpose that it serves. Laws were meant to govern people towards a socially acceptable measure of behavior and to punish those who would perform deeds that conflict against the interests of the society.

The Doji would be the ones best suited to further the cause of peace and social harmony, using the law in order to pursue a mutually acceptable solutiont to most conflicts. If there would be a Clan that is passionate about upholding the laws of the land, it should be the Crane.


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