[L5R 4e Hearts and Souls] Player Character Profiles: Ragan

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The quiet Ronin known only as Ragan was once Asahina Haru, a loyal retainer to a particularly cruel Daimyo who was involved in certain atrocities against the peasants under his rule. Haru struggled with his conscience all this time, but obeyed and performed his duties as a samurai.

It was only during the Phoenix Civil War, when the rebels staged a coup in a Winter Court that Haru found respite from his conscience. The Rebels killed his lord, and Haru slipped away into the night, casting aside his past.

In the harsh light of the next morning, after fleeing the Phoenix Lands, Haru took on the Ronin name of Ragan, and swore to never draw his blade until he could answer the question in his soul, “What is the true purpose of the sword?” Was it really just to kill people for duty, or was there another way?

Ragan spent the next few years as a wanderer and occasional vigilante. It was in one of his attempts to protect some travelers from bandits that he drew the attention of an older monk who helped him fight them off with martial arts techniques.

The older monk learned Ragan’s history after they drove the bandits off, and the monk chose to teach him kaze-do to better prepare him to find the answers he seeks.

It was not long after this that Ragan found himself hired by a poor Doji vassal family to serve as the Yojimbo of a promising young courtier named Doji Haruko. Ragan is uncertain as to how he feels about entering the vaunted Crane lands again after so long, but perhaps he can find his answers there.

Ragan / Asahina Haru
Disillusioned Samurai

Schools: Daidoji Iron Warrior 2

Insight 150, Rank 2
Honor 6.5

Reflexes 2
Awareness 2
Stamina 2
Willpower 2
Agility 3
Intelligence 3
Strength 2
Perception 2

• Battle    1
• Defense    2
• Iaijutsu    1
• Kenjutsu (Katana)    1
• Kyujutsu    1
• Jiujutsu (Kaze-Do)    3
Courtier    2
Etiquette    3
Acting    1
Artisan: Poetry    1
Lore: Shugenja    1
Lore: Bushi    1
Medicine    1
Athletics    1
Commerce    1
Intimidation    1
Lore: Bushido    1
Lore: Great Clan – Crab    1
Lore: Great Clan – Crane    1
Lore: Great Clan – Dragon    1
Lore: Great Clan – Mantis    1
Lore: Great Clan – Phoenix    1
Lore: Great Clan – Scorpion    1
Lore: Great Clan – Unicorn    1
Lore: Heraldry    1
Lore: History    1
Lore: Theology    1
Meditation    1
Tea Ceremony    1
Animal Handling    1
Firearms  1
Horsemanship    1
Hunting    1

Friend of the Elements: FIRE
Hands of Stone
Allies (Doji Haruko)

Social Disadvantage: Ronin
Dark Fate
Obligation (Kaze-Do Mentor)
Fascination (True meaning of Bushido)


Ragan is played by Hikkikomori, who is a regular commenter on the blog and was also a player in Never a Dull Blade as Akodo Kenji, the Lion’s Shadow. I’m interested at his choice of going Ronin for this game, and for the nature of his character’s internal conflicts. The Dark Fate is particularly troubling though as his past two characters also had them, leading to some of the more interesting villains in my continuity thus far. His first character, Shiba Ryu went on to become a successor to Miyata, the leader of the Phoenix Civil War’s reformist faction.

I guess we’ll see just what kind of villain Akodo Kenji might be in this campaign.

  1. Hikkikomori says:

    The inspiration behind this character is that it is an off-shoot from the Lion Game where my previous character, Akodo Kenji, Ikoma Courtier and Lion’s Shadow, only drew his sword twice in the span of 20+ sessions. But he managed to strengthen the relationship of the Lion Clan with the Crab, Scorpion, and Phoenix.

    (The Hands of Stone advantage is just a precaution. heh.)

    • sheimaruen says:

      You know, your characters usually have dark fate. This game will be interesting.

      • Hikkikomori says:

        Yep. The mechanical advantage is obvious.
        But story-wise, I’m not averse to my character falling to the Dark Side – heck, all my actions usually steer my characters that way. Might as well seal it with Fate, and go out with a bang. haha!

        And on the topic of altering the setting, what better way to alter it than to have the System itself require me to affect change dramatically.

        Might take Great Destiny if we ever get around to play Scorpion or Crab. haha!

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